Saturday, December 18, 2010

Interesting Fact of the Day

University of Cincinnati football team was exactly close to stellar in the late 1990's but check out their coaching staff from 1997-1998:

Rick Minter- Head Coach
Jimbo Fisher- Offensive Coordinator (Florida State Head Coach)
Rex Ryan- Defensive Coordinator (NY Jets Head Coach)
John Harbaugh- Special Teams Coach (Baltimore Ravens Head Coach)
Mike Tomlin- Defensive Backs Coach (Pittsburgh Steelers Head Coach)
Joker Phillips- Wide Receivers Coach (University of KY Head Coach)
Bob Wylie- Offensive Line Coach (Denver Broncos OL Coach)

Pretty impressive staff for an 8-4 team

Thursday, December 16, 2010

D-Bag of the Month

The D-Bag of the month goes to Jets assistant coach Sal Alosi. Not only did he purposely trip Miami Dolphins gunner Nolan Carroll, but then he gets up at a press conference and pushed tears about how sorry he was. It was a total douche move on his part. Not only that it was completely pre-meditated and they have been doing it all season. It's unfortunate that tools like this guy are able to work on NFL sidelines while there are tons of hard working people who respect the game must watch from the stands.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

You Know What Grinds My Gears

Cliff Lee vs. Lebron James

Im not sure if I am way off base here but aren't Cliff Lee and Lebron James one in the same? However, one is portrayed as a wise saint and the other a lowly coward taking the easy route. Over this summer, Lebron James left Cleveland for Miami. He took less money to form an NBA All-Star team in hopes to win an NBA championship. Multiple media personalities and former NBA players including Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan ripped James for his decision calling him a coward and proclaiming they would never do the same. Cliff Lee signed with Philadelphia yesterday taking less money to team with Roy Halliday to form an All-Star team of pitching aces. One where he wont even be the opening day starter. Yet he is proclaimed as driven and unselfish.

Am I missing something here? All I know is Lebron James is the only reason why I watch the NBA and that won't change.