Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Seattle's T.J. Houshmandzadeh Guarantees Playoffs

Washington Redskins v Cincinnati Bengals
T.J. Houshmandzadeh is sounding more and more like Chad Ocho Cinco everyday. The guy that was cool and confident in interviews during his time in Cincinnati now is sounding cocky and arrogant. Here is what Housh had to say in a couple recent interviews:

"I just want to let everyone know that Matt Hasselbeck and I will be leading the Seahawks to the playoffs this season," Houshmandzadeh said. "And we'll be going to the Pro Bowl as a tandem."

"We're both going to have top five seasons: He'll have a top five quarterback season, and I'll have a top five receiving season. I'll put up stats I've never had before yardswise because they're allowing me to be a complete receiver."

They're allowing you to be a "complete receiver?" Yes T.J., that means you will no longer have single coverage and won't catch 90 plus balls this year. Your team was just as bad as the Bengals last year and your quarterback hasn't been healthy for several years. Way to guarantee the world to Seahawks fans Ocho Cinco... I mean Housh.

Will Xavier Henry leave Kansas for Kentucky?

In an interview with a Kansas radio program Xavier Henry's father has indicated that Xavier may not be attending Kansas. His father has indicated that the family will be meeting tonight to determine what Xavier will do. His father has indicated that Kentucky may be an option but Europe is not an option. Kentucky has one scholarship available that Henry could potentially use. However, will there be room for Henry? If Calipari can add Xavier to this roster the Wildcats would add another top notch recruit. Again I am not holding my breath but this could get very interesting.

Reports: Lance Stephenson headed to UC

There are now multiple Internet sources reporting that NY Prep basketball star Lance Stephenson is heading to the University of Cincinnati. What will this mean for the Bearcats? Only time will tell. But Bearcat fans need to hold their breath. Stephenson will still need to gain his eligibility and there are pending issues regarding his amateur status surrounding his internet television show. But the fact of the matter is Stephenson on this Bearcat team will make them a Top 25 team and a major contender in the Big East. But as I had written below, at what price will they have to pay to get there?

Is Lance Stephenson Worth It?

HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL: APR 01 McDonalds All-American Basketball Game - Boys
The story of Lance Stephenson has been everywhere in the national recruiting scene since he is the last of the Rivals top 100 yet to sign with a school. Stephenson, who has dominated in NYC, has unfortunately had a lot of bad issues surrounding him and his recruitment. From a sexual assault charge, dominating and demanding father, academic eligibility issues, and issues surrounding an Internet reality show, most Division I programs and coaches have steered away from Stephenson. But now we have Cincinnati and Mick Cronin emerging as a potential suitor for the services of "Born Ready."

Is this a desperation move for Cronin? Obviously he wouldn't sign Stephenson until the assault allegations and issues regarding his eligibility are resolved with the NCAA, but I ask is it worth it? Sure Stephenson is a star on the court and will undoubtedly end up in the NBA. But with all of the negativity and the assertion from coaches and teammates that he is a selfish player would Cronin want to put his program at risk? He has spent time since taking over UC to get the Graduation rate up for his student athletes and build a successful college program. But do you sacrifice winning to doing the right thing? Kentucky fans grew tired of Tubby Smith and his quest to recruit the four year student athlete and have now anointed John Calipari and the King of suspect one and done players.

Obviously Mick needs to win and win now. And by winning he should be able to boost attendance which has hit all time lows for the men's team. The University has shown their patients with Cronin and even extended his contract despite a mediocre record. So why is Cronin willing to sell his soul for a one and done superstar with a lot of baggage? I don't know but I am afraid for the program. In the current system that does not allow players to enter the NBA out of high school Stephenson could come to Cincinnati, help them be competitive and leave after his Freshman season for the NBA. But the after effects of recruiting and signing a kid like Stephenson could potentially harm the Cincinnati Basketball program in the future. I am not saying that Lance is guilty of any of the allegations and I am not saying that NCAA sanctions are inevitable. I am saying there is a lot of smoke and typically where there is smoke there is fire. If I were Mick I would join the rest of the coaches and stay away from Lance Stephenson.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Xavier Adds Jeff Robinson to 2009-10 Class

Jeff Robinson, a 6-9 power-forward out of Lawrence North high school, is headed to Xavier according to multiples sources (i.e. Rivals and WKRC-12 in Cincinnati). Robinson originally was supposed to head to Purdue but things fell through and now he will be backing up Jamel McLean on a Xavier team that was in need for another quality big man. Other than Purdue, Robinson had offers from Illinois and Butler.

A couple months ago rumors surfaced stating Robinson didn't have the grades to get into Purdue and was contemplating heading to junior college. Reports now say that Robinson is fine academically and wont have a problem being admitted to Xavier.

Robinson played for a loaded Lawrence North team last year which finished the season with a 25-3 record. The team has many players with Division 1 scholarships/*offers including:

2009 - Stephen Van Treese (Louisville), Chris Read and Larry Smith (*Miami-OH)
2010 - Dominique Ferguson (*Kentucky and Arizona), Justin Martin (*Cincinnati, Xavier, Louisville, and Dayton)
2011 - Michael Chandler and Ryan Taylor (Louisville)

This brings me to my next question: why cant colleges in Indiana keep their star players in-state? (i.e. three guys are going to Louisville!)

6/29- This Week in Reds Baseball

MLB: JUN 14 Reds at Royals
* The Reds wrapped up their Inter league play for the 2009 season yesterday in Cleveland. Cincinnati finished 6-9 against the American League this season. (If anyone cares they did retain the Ohio Cup, or whatever they are calling that trophy)

* Last week the Reds hit their farthest deficit of the season becoming 4.5 games back in the division and two games under .500. With a couple of wins on Saturday and Sunday they are now 37-37 and 2.5 games back.

* They did find some offense in those two games, Ramon Hernandez was a HR away from the cycle on Sunday. Brandon Phillips went 3-5 with 3 RBI on his Birthday and against his former team Sunday.

* After going through a monumental slump, Willie Taveras went 7-14 in his last three games with 2 RBI, 1 SB, and 2 runs. Go back 18 games prior to this weekend to get 7 total hits from Willie Taveras.

* The Reds were allegedly talking with the Indians regarding a trade for Mark DeRosa. Cleveland inevitably sent him to St. Louis for RHP Chris Perez. I don't see this as a big loss. DeRosa is a career .278 hitter, not a big enough bat to move prospects for.

NL Central Standings
Brewers 40-35 (-) .533 Lost 1
Cardinals 41-36 (-) .532 Lost 1
Reds 37-37 (2.5) .500 Won 2
Cubs 35-37 (3.5) .486 Lost 2
Astros 35-38 (4) .479 Lost 1
Pirates 35-40 (5) .467 Lost 1

This Weeks Schedule
Tuesday- Arizona Diamondbacks- 7:10
Wednesday- Arizona Diamondbacks- 7:10
Thursday- Arizona Diamondbacks- 12:35
Friday- St. Louis Cardinals- 7:10
Saturday- St. Louis Cardinals- 1:10
Sunday- St. Louis Cardinals- 1:10

Reds Statistical Leaders
AVG 0.351 Votto
HOME RUNS 18 Bruce
RBI 51 Phillips
STEALS 15 Taveras
ERA 2.86 Cueto
WINS 8 Arroyo
SAVES 18 Cordero

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lance Stephenson to Cincinnati?

PREP BASKETBALL: JAN 27 Lance Stephenson
Lance "Born Ready" Stephenson becoming a member of the University of Cincinnati basketball team has been a rumor that swirled around recruiting circles several months ago. It seems as if this rumor is picking up more steam now. Lance Stephenson visited the University of Cincinnati campus again over the weekend and recently even attended a game at the Deveroes Summer League. Look for Stephenson to decide on the University of Cincinnati befor the end of next week.

Lance Stephenson hails from Lincoln High School in New York City, the same school as Stephon Marbury and Sebastian Telfair. Stephenson is widely considered one of the top 15 players in the country. He has seen his face grace the cover of many national sports magazines and his high school games have been shown on ESPN. His publicity is not without its downfalls though. Many high profile schools have passed on Stephenson due to his cocky attitude, poor relationships, questionable amateur status, and recent legal troubles.

Stephenson is widely considered a one and done player who is NBA ready right now. Cincinnati has one scholarship remaining for 2009. His addition would be a huge one and include instant offense to the team. In addition, it may help to bring greater attention, money, and fanfare to the university which is something that has been lacking since the departure of Bob Huggins.

Former Xavier Star Lashes Out at Sean Miller

Former Xavier Musketeer basketball player Stanley Burrell had some pretty harsh words for his former coach, Sean Miller. Miller recently took over the job at Arizona. As the NBA draft was ongoing, Burrell was writing some very interesting words on his Twitter account regarding Derek Brown, Sean Miller, and others.
Here are some of the excerpts:

"Lets face it... SM isnt trying to develop pros. It was all about him! Look ive spoke to SM ONE time since grad. from X. Family huh? NOT! ... SM taught me many things that im thankful for. Most recently, this world is cut throat! GET YOURS WHILE U CAN! Wow!"

"I said what I said about Sean for a few reasons. 1) The fact that ive talked to a coach ONE TIME since grad. that i gave my blood, sweat, and tears for(for 4 yrs) is BULLSHIT! I sacrificed (just like the rest of my teammates) for Sean and our team...He made me believe that we were really like family to eachother. when really that was just a scheme to get us all to buy in to the "team system"."

"some of u fans really amaze me some time!!! makes the true xu fans, look bad."

The full article can be read here.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

"Press Hop"

DJ Steve Porter and his remix of some of the famous sports conferences. I think this is an instant classic.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Thoughts on the NBA Draft

* There are now reports circulating the Ricky Rubio may choose to continue to play in Europe for a couple of more years. Rubio and his family have expressed interest in playing in a big market, which Minnesota is not a big market. If Rubio does decide to stay in Europe the T-Wolves would have wasted a fairly high draft pick. Perhaps they felt Rubio may be an issue since they drafted Jonny Flynn just after, but if all else fails they still have Sebastian Telfair.

* I really don't think that the Magic will make another appearance in the Finals next year. They dealt for Vince Carter, who is older but still productive, but had to give up Courtney Lee and Rafer Alston to get him. Alston they can afford to lose, but I think Courtney Lee is going to be a stud for the next 10-12 years. That one may hurt them. Now in all of the aftermath Hedo Turgkolu is saying that he will opt-out of his contract and head into free agency.

* Who is the winner of the draft? I think the San Antonio Spurs. In a pre-draft trade the Spurs sent three aging veterans to Milwaukee for Richard Jefferson. And without a first round pick they selected DeJuan Blair and Jack McClinton in the second round, two players who had been projected as potential first rounders.

* The team that left me scratching my head in the first round, the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cav's drafted Christian Eyenga with the last pick in the first round. Eyenga is a project in very sense of the word. He was not even on most teams radar, perhaps they are hoping to save cap room in order to re-sign LeBron. They did make up for it in the second round with selecting Danny Green out of UNC. I think that Green will be a great pro.

* I was a little surprised that Steph Curry was taken by the Golden State Warriors at number 7, but it is now starting to make a little more sense. Golden State has been working on a deal with Phoenix to acquire Amare Stoudamire from the Suns and now it is being reported that the Warriors will be sending the rights to Curry to Phoenix in the Stoudamire trade.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Jodie Meeks now a Buck

Jodie Meeks from the University of Kentucky was chosen in the 11th pick of the second round (41 overall) by the Milwaukee Bucks. Chad Ford from ESPN.com likes the pick, but questions his altheticism? Meeks was a player who would be on the court 90% on the time, and very rairly did you see him slow down. He has a strong, powerful drive, which coupled with his stellar outside shooting makes him a sure-to-be star.

Local Team Draft Picks

As we type the NBA draft is ongoing. Jodie Meeks and Derrick Brown are anticipated to be drafted this year in the first or second round. I wanted to take a look back at local teams and players that were drafted dating back to 2000.

Kentucky Wildcats

2008 NBA Draft
Round 2 Pick 28 Joe Crawford Los Angeles Lakers
2006 NBA Draft
Round 1 Pick 21 Rajon Rondo Phoenix Suns
2003 NBA Draft
Round 2 Pick 14 Keith Bogans Milwaukee Bucks
2002 NBA Draft
Round 1 Pick 23 Tayshaun Prince Detroit Pistons
2000 NBA Draft
Round 1 Pick 19 Jamaal Magloire Charlotte Hornets

Cincinnati Bearcats

2006 NBA Draft
Round 2 Pick 1 James White Portland Trail Blazers
2005 NBA Draft
Round 1 Pick 26 Jason Maxiell Detroit Pistons
2002 NBA Draft
Round 2 Pick 1 Steve Logan Golden State Warriors
2001 NBA Draft
Round 2 Pick 25 Kenny Satterfield Dallas Mavericks
2000 NBA Draft
Round 1 Pick 1 Kenyon Martin New Jersey Nets
Round 1 Pick 6 DerMarr Johnson Atlanta Hawks
Round 2 Pick 29 Pete Mickeal Dallas Mavericks

Xavier Musketeers

2004 NBA Draft
Round 2 Pick 4 Lionel Chalmers Los Angeles Clippers
Round 2 Pick 23 Romain Sato San Antonio Spurs
2003 NBA Draft
Round 1 Pick 18 David West New Orleans Hornets

NBA Draft Drinking Game

Tonight is the NBA draft, and when we watch the Draft we get a solid four hours of analysis from the talking heads. With that analysis we are sure to be hit with a vocabulary of terms and phrases that are typically not used in normal language. Below are a list of cliche's to listen for, when the reporter says the word you take a drink. Pretty simple. Here are the words or phrases to listen for:

"Good footwork"
"You can't teach height"
"Gym rat"
"that pick is a reach"
"tremendous upside"
"break his man down"
"shut down defender"
"lock down defender"
"good length"
"handle the rock"
"score the ball"
"has the intangibles"
"low center of gravity"
"tremendous leaper"
"can leap out of the gym"
"great hands"
"nice touch"
"soft touch"

Bonus: Since this draft is being held by our friends at ESPN here are some bonus phrases or words. If they say one of these then you must take a shot of whiskey.
"Bret Favre"
"Barry Bonds"
"Michael Vick"
"Yankee Stadium"

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Arroyo can't beat the BlueJays

With exactly one year ago today Bronson Arroyo faced the Toronto Blue Jays and gave up 10 runs on 11 hits in the first inning. As I type this now the Reds are down 5-0 and Arroyo has given up three home runs before getting his first out. Its a good thing we don't play in the American League.

David Palmer to transfer to NKU

The Cincinnati Enquirer is reporting that David Palmer, 6'9" 240lbs from Iowa, will be transfering to the NKU Norse. You can read the story here.

Palmer will join former Elliott County star Ethan Faulkner, and former St. Xavier star Erik Stenger as new faces joining the Norse for the 2009-2010 season.

David Palmer hails from Tenneessee but played his senior season at Oak Hill Academy. He originally signed with Seton Hall out of high school but eventually transferred to Iowa. He saw limited action last season for the Hawkeyes but was effective on the court when given opportunities. Palmer joins a long list of DI players who have transferred to play for the Norse. Some of the more recent Division I transfers include:

C- David Palmer- Iowa
G- Dustin McGuire: St. Louis
F- Tanner Jacobs: Kennesaw State
G- DeAaron Williams: Wisconsin
G- Dennis Gagai: West Virginia
F- A'Daeron Duncan: Coppin State
F- Vincent Humphrey: Valparaiso
G- Anthony Teague: New Mexico
G- Steven Wright: Bowling Green State
C- James Cripe: Dayton
C- Gavin Ludgood: Florida Atlantic
G- Jared Ronai: UNC Asheville
G- Adam Howell: Ohio University
F- Quentin Smith: Morehead State
C- Chris Seabrooks: Pitt

Doron Lamb visiting Kentucky Wildcats

Kentucky Sports Radio is reporting that 2010 recruit guard Doron Lamb is visiting the University of Kentucky today on an unofficial visit. Lamb, a shooting guard, is heading to Oak Hill Academy to play his senior season. The 6'4" guard is ranked 5 stars from Rivals.com and is the #5 ranked SG in the 2010 class. There are a number of large schools that are currently targeting Lamb.

NKU to interview for Athletics Director

In a news release from NKU, Northern Kentucky University have announced five finalists for their Athletics Director position. The five finalists are:

- Jerry Wollmering, Director of Athletics, Truman State University

- Jerome Rodgers, Associate Athletic Director for Compliance, Boston College

- Scott Eaton, Senior Associate Athletic Director for Administration, Northern Kentucky University

- Derek van der Merwe, Senior Associate Athletics Director, Central Michigan University

- Holly Sheilley, Assistant Athletic Director for Championships & Student Development, University of Louisville

One of these finalists will be hired to replace Jane Meier who stepped down as NKU Director of Athletics after 31 years at NKU. Whomever they choose to fill this position will inherit and Athletics program that has successful and competitive teams in most sports. Many in the community, and around the university, have supported a move for NKU to play in Division I. In 2004 they University conducted a comprehensive study on the viability of moving to DI. It was always my inclination at that time that Northern did not have the proper facilities and would not be competitive in recruiting a DI caliber athlete with their current facilities. Now, with the addition of the Bank of Kentucky Center, new tennis facility, new soccer facility, newer softball field, and updated fitness centers NKU would have the proper facilities that would help attract a DI athlete. The next issue will be the financials of it all, the costs involved in elevating a program are considerable and with our tough economic times would President Votruba and the Board of Regents be able to justify expenditures on athletics while academic and other programs face potential cuts. Regardless, the athletes at Northern Kentucky University are as talented as any athletes in the tri-state area. Whomever is chosen for this position will take the reigns of a top notch athletics program.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Votto Explains Absence

Joey Votto, in an interview with reporters in Toronto today, explained the reason for his stress-related issues that led to him being placed on the DL. His father passed away last August, and apparently playing baseball was the only thing keeping him going as he bottled up his emotions. After missing a few games in May due to an inner-ear infection, the depression hit him all at once leading him to even call 911 one night at 3 in the morning.

His full explanation can be read here.

Highlands OL Tyler Grubbs commits to Miami Redhawks

The 6'6" 280 Bluebird offensive lineman Tyler Grubbs has committed to play for the Miami Redhawks and coach Michael Haywood. The massive Grubbs had received some interest from larger schools like Kentucky, Cincinnati, Michigan State, and Illinois. However, Grubbs was getting more interest from schools like Miami, Ohio, and Central Michigan. The 2010 graduate will be a key component in Ft. Thomas Highlands quest to defend their 3A Kentucky State Championship.

Darwin Davis commits to Xavier

New Xavier head coach Chris Mack has received his first big recruit signing. Darwin Davis, 5'9" guard from Bloomington South, helped lead his high school team to an Indiana state championship. Davis is obviously a bit undersized for his position but his game is to slash and attack the basket. He uses his low center of gravity and speed to his advantage making him a very elusive guard. Davis was drawing interest from schools such as Purdue, Ohio, Butler, and Cincinnati. Many scouts believe that teams were staying away from Davis because of his size but feel that Davis has the ability to be a big time star for the Musketeers.

Notes from Bengals OTA's

I have gone through some different sources on the Bengals to provide some notes on the Bengals Minicamp that wrapped up over the weekend.

- Apparently Offensive Coordinator Bob Bratkowski has completely revamped the offensive playbook. With the addition of Cedric Benson and significant changes in the receiving core this could prove to be a good change for the Bengals offense. At times last season the Bengals offense could be described as vanilla at best. Hopefully Coach Brat and Marvin have incorporated some new looks to help the offense thrive.

- Geoff Hobson had indicated that his rookie defensive MVP so far has been third round selection Michael Johnson. Johnson is a physical freak at 6-7, 266 Johnson has great speed which makes him versatile. During mini-camp Johnson played Defensive end, tackle, and linebacker. On top of his training the Bengals have supplied Johnson with DVD's of some of the NFL's best pass rushers including Jevon Kearse, Jared Allen, DeMarcus Ware, Kyle Vanden Bosch, and Aaron Kampman.

- After the MiniCamp Marvin Lewis feels like they are in better shape. Not really sure that this is breaking news, what do you expect and NFL coach to say? But a major difference is having a healthy Carson Palmer and Chad Ochocino in camp to workout and what many have said in the best shape of his life.

- Laveranues Coles has shown to catch on rather quickly to the offense. The veteran receiver is enjoying his role in Cincinnati playing opposite Chad Ochocinco. Coles, who has an introverted personality, will not be the guy in the face of the media. Look for Cole to quietly rack up big numbers for the Bengals while Chad stays in front of the camera.

Votto to be Activiated from DL

MLB.com has reported that Joey Votto is ready to return to the Cincinnati Reds. With local and some national media doing some "investigative reporting" we had learned Monday that Votto was in fact on the team chartered flight and staying in the team hotel in Toronto. We have not yet recieved official reports from the Reds just yet, both MLB.com and Reds.com are reporting that Votto "should" return to the Reds lineup Tuesday night against the Blue Jays. Votto has been on the DL since May 30 with undisclosed stress related issues.

It has been confirmed that Joey Votto has been activated from the DL. Reds activated Votto and send Wilkin Castillo to the 15-Day DL with a torn labrum in his right shoulder. Votto is also scheduled to speak with the media at 4:00pm today.

Mark Cuban goes after Bloggers

Mark Cuban has decided to go after bloggers, ironically on his own blog. In his blog, blog maverick, Cuban rants about bloggers and media who just throw out ridiculous rumors to get ESPN and other journalists to jump. He wants ESPN to create a list of blog for ESPN to discredit as viable sources.
I think this idea is a bit ridiculous. Sports Blogging has become somewhat of a business for some but for most it is a hobby. Here at our blog we intend to provide you with stories on Tri-State and National sports that intrigue us that we think people who follow sports in Cincinnati would find interesting. We are not going to be a breaking news source. We will post rumors but only rumors that we feel are viable and could actually happen. Blogs create a forum for sports discussion. I agree with Cuban on some points, with Twitter, Facebook, and Sports Blogs the need for breaking news has become a little out of control. But to come out and attack all bloggers, on his blog, is a bit ridiculous.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Bronson Arroyo Rumored in Trades, Phillies a Possible Suitor

Bronson Arroyo may be a target for many teams looking for pitching prior to the trade deadline. With Homer Bailey, Justin Lehr, and Matt Maloney all pitching well in Triple-A, Arroyo has become expendable for the Redlegs.

Arroyo is currently making 9.5 million and will be making even more next year which may hurt the Reds if they're trying to get something good in return. Arroyo has pitched well at times with 8 wins and only 5 losses but has an ERA over 5 be case of a couple bad outings.

One team that has been rumored to be in need for pitching is the defending world series champs, the Philadelphia Phillies. The Phillies need a big time inning eater after losing Brett Myers and there current starting five isn't going to win them another championship: Cole Hamels, Jamie Moyer, Joe Blanton, J.A. Happ, and Antonio Bastardo. The Reds are in need of a power-hitting righty in the outfield and some names to look at are Jayson Werth, John Mayberry, and Michael Taylor.

Mayberry and Taylor intrigue me a little more than Werth. Mayberry can play OF or 1B and hit .277 with eight homers and 25 RBIs in 37 games for the Phillies Triple-A affiliate before taking over in left-field for the Phillies when Raul Ibanez headed to the DL. Mayberry is 6'6, 230+ and was a first-round pick by the Texas Rangers in 2005.

Taylor would be a little bit harder to get as he's one of the Phillies best prospects at 6-6, 260+ and has drawn comparisons to Ryan Howard. Taylor is hitting .329 with 12 HR's, 48 RB's and 10 SB's this season in the Phillies Double-A affiliate.

The two players I profiled are there power-hitting prospects but the Phillies have about three or four other outfielders that are high prospects as well.

What do you guys think about getting rid of Arroyo?

Turfway Park Could Go Under if Kentucky Doesn't Pass Gaming Bill

Bob Elliston, owner of Turfway Park, said today that the Northern Kentucky horse track could close by 2010 if Ohio passes gaming legislation and Kentucky does not.

Kentucky’s House last Friday passed legislation that would permit video-lottery gaming at Kentucky horse tracks. Problem is the bill has not made it to the floor as it's still three votes short of attaining the number of votes desired. Word is many people think this is a long shot and the bill wont reach senate anytime soon.

This is big for Turfway to survive as many horse race owners are going to Pennsylvania, Indiana and West Virginia for higher purses. I do enjoy $1 beers, hot dogs, and bets every once in awhile so I hope this is approved soon or we may see a vacant track next to Danbarry Dollar in the near future.

How Bad Do The Reds Miss Votto and Encarnacion

The hot corners at 1B and 3B have struggled mightly in the absence of both Joey Votto and Edwin Encarnacion. Here is the breakdown since these two have been out of the lineup:

3B combined: 39 for 191 (.204), 4 hr, 16 rbi, 9 errors
Rosales: 17 for 93 (.182) 2 hr, 9 rbi, 2 errors, 23 starts
Hairston: 21 for 96 (.219) 2 hr, 6 rbi, 7 errors, 24 starts
Janish: 1 for 2, rbi, 1 start

1B combined: 27 for 125 (.216) 3 hr, 16 rbi, 4 errors
Rosales: 7 for 26 (.269), 0 hr, 2 rbi, 7 starts
Hernandez: 20 for 99 (.202), 3 hr, 16 rbi, 4 errors, 25 starts

3B/1B total: 66 for 316 (.209), 7 hr, 32 rbi, 13 errors

All-Star Game in Cincinnati in 2013?

This could be big news for the baseball fan in Cincinnati. The Cincinnati Reds have not hosted an All-Star game since Riverfront Stadium in hosted the summer classic in 1988. The All-Star Game is generally given to a city that features a new or historic stadium. The Cincinnati Reds opened Great American Ballpark in 2003, now 6 years ago, and had hoped to receive an all-star game bid thereafter. However, bigger cities are now opening even newer ballparks and the Reds have seemingly been passed over. I have received word that the Cincinnati Reds may be the frontrunners to host the 2013 All-Star Game in Great American Ballpark.

The recent Civil Rights Game in Cincinnati was used as an audition for the All-Star Game. It is my belief that this game catapulted GABP and the city of Cincinnati into the forefront. The civil rights game, activities, and headliners presented over the weekend were fantastic. The city, its stadium, and its fans were put on display and the Cincinnati Reds did a great job at making this event possible.

The 2010 All-Star game will be played at Angels Stadium in Anaheim and 2011 in Arizona. The Boston Redsox have asked to host the game in 2012 and the Mets were previously thought to be the frontrunners for the 2013 all-star game due to their new stadium which opened this year. In an interesting side note, the KC Royals have been promised an all-star game between 2011 and 2014.

Brian Kelly Signs Extension

The University of Cincinnati announced through a press conference today that head coach Brian Kelly has signed an extension with the school. The new contract will pay Kelly $1.5 million dollars per season through 2013. In two seasons with the University of Cincinnati, Kelly has led the team to a combined 22-6 record and back to back bowl game appearances. His accolades included 2007 Big East Coach of the Year and 2008 Big East Championship as well as the school's 1st BCS bowl appearance. The new 5 year contract also includes a $250,000 raise for assistant coaches as well as no clause for a new practice bubble.
In related UC football news, the University of Cincinnati has signed a contract to play Purdue University. The Boilermakers of the Big Ten will come to Nippert Stadium in 2013 and 2015 while Cincinnati will return a visit to Lafayette in 2014.

6/22- This Week in Reds Baseball

* The Reds did a decent job with their Civil Rights game on Saturday which probably made MLB and Bud Selig happy for such an event. They made a very big deal about it around town here but I wonder if anyone outside of Cincinnati even knew what was going on or what it was all about.

* Offense continues to struggle for the Redlegs, on Sunday Aaron Harang gave another solid outing and could not get the run support needed to secure the victory for the Reds.

* It baffles me that Dusty continues to start Willy Taveras, Chris Dickerson has just as good of defense in center and has been hitting the ball MUCH better than Taveras.

* Both Edwin Encarnacion and Joey Votto made rehab starts yesterday. Still not indication for either as to when they will return to the Major League club. This team is in desperate need of Votto's bat, and as if they can get Edwin up and rolling I think it can only help. Votto was quoted in the Enquirer that he is ready to go, hopefully we will have him back for the Toronto series.

* The Reds took 2 out of 3 from Atlanta last week at home, and then dropped 2-1 to the White Sox to end the home stand 3-3.

* The Reds will continue their inter league play this week with series in Toronto and Cleveland, so far this season the Reds are 3-5 against the AL.

NL Central Standings
Cardinals 39-31 (-) .557 Won 3
Brewers 37-32 (1.5) .536 Lost 3
Cubs 34-31 (2.5) .523 Won 4
Reds 34-34 (4) .500 Lost 2
Astros 32-35 (5.5) .478 Won 2
Pirates 31-38 (7.5) .449 Lost 4

This Weeks Schedule
Tuesday- at Blue Jays @ 7:07PM
Wednesday- at Blue Jays @ 7:07PM
Thursday- at Blue Jays @ 7:07PM
Friday- at Indians @ 7:05PM
Saturday- at Indians @ 7:05PM
Sunday- at Indians @ 1:05PM

Reds Statistical Leaders
AVG 0.279 Phillips
HOME RUNS 17 Bruce
RBI 47 Phillips
STEALS 14 Taveras
ERA 2.55 Cueto
WINS 8 Arroyo
SAVES 17 Cordero

Peter King on the Bengals

The following is quoted from Peter King's Monday Morning Quarterback column on CNNSI. I thought that his points on Mike Brown were interesting.

"5. I think the Bengals, as woebegone as they've been, can be models for something: doing what they said they'd do. Over and over in the past two years, owner Mike Brown and coach Marvin Lewis have said Chad Ochocinco wouldn't be traded. And though I think they erred in not taking the reported offer of two first-rounders from Washington for Johnson in 2008, they kept their word. No trade. At one point last summer, Lewis said to me, "Why won't these reports stop? I'm telling you -- we're not trading Chad.'' I bring this up only because we've got the Denver Broncos having dumped their best player, Jay Cutler, because he was miserable and obstinate and not buying into Josh McDaniels' program. And now we've got Brandon Marshall who wants out, and apparently he's found a sympathetic ear in owner Pat Bowlen. The Broncos need to take a long view of this instead of the short view. The short view is, "Let's get rid of this unhappy jerk.'' The long view is, "This guy's a great player, he's a handful, but if we trade him, we're handing everyone else in the locker room a blueprint for how to shoot his way out of town. Plus, we won't get real value for him.'' I can't believe I just told the Denver Broncos to study the Bengals. Frightening.

6. I think Laveranues Coles might be the perfect receiver to replace T.J. Houshmandzadeh in Cincinnati, because Coles, who hates to talk to the press, is glad to cede all the interviews to Chad Ochocinco while he just plays. Coles is healthy now. If Carson Palmer can stay upright, Coles is going to catch 70 balls, easy."

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fathers and Sports

Today is Fathers Day, and for many our fathers are the ones who introduced us to sports. Whether it was taking us to our first baseball game, or playing catch in the backyard, or introducing us to new games, for many of us our father is the reason why we follow sports. So today across the country many men, women, boys and girls will share this day either around the TV watching the US Open, at a Baseball game, or discussing the upcoming draft with their Dad. Sports can be that bond that no matter what is going on in our life we can escape to sports and all is right again. I want to wish all of the dads out there a Happy Fathers day, and encourage all of the children to tell your parents that you love them, or do something special for them on this day.

The Reds Missed a Golden Opportunity

Last night was The Civil Rights Game at Great American Ballpark. Celebrities, sports legends, and politicians alike gathered in Cincinnati this weekend to celebrate the progress that we have made and the parallel between sports and society. In conjunction with this Civil Rights game the Cincinnati Reds had arranged a promotional giveaway where they gave away 1964 replica Frank Robinson jersey's. Robinson had an impact on the Reds and baseball, as the first black manager, and one of the Reds first huge minority stars. However I think the Reds chose the wrong player for the jersey giveaway. If I were planning, or even had a say, I would have had Chuck Harmon jersey night. You might be saying, who is Chuck Harmon? Chuck Harmon was the first black player to play for the Reds. Harmon wasn't a superstar for the Reds and many who came to the ballpark may not know about Chuck Harmon. But what a great opportunity to educate. Men and children alike could have left with a better appreciation for Harmon. I think the Reds missed the boat on this one.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Jim Rome on Chad Johnson

Today on Jim Rome's opening segment. Jim said that he used to be a huge fan of Chad Johnson, a true American original. Talent with the words to back it up. Then, he says, he turned to a dark place became unproductive, unfunny, and a cancer to the Bengals. Now Jim says that he has turned the corner and Rome is now a fan. Why Rome says? Because of the influence of Denzel Washington. Chad has some room to move to make things right and get out of that dark place that they were in. Jim says that "the world is a much better place when Chad Johnson is right." Chad Johnson is on his way back, when he starts making plays and winning. "85 is the rare athlete who can jump the shark, but then come back and jump back over the shark." "I like the way he looks, I like the way he sounds, welcome back 85."

Bengals Mini-Camp

With the Bengals Mini-Camp opening this week I think there are a lot of positive swirling around this team right now. Carson Palmer seems to be fully recovered from all injuries and coming into his seventh season with the Bengals feeling good and ready to bring this team back to the Playoffs. I know that we have heard that every year from Palmer but I do think this year will be different.

Also, don't forget about Chad. As much as everyone wants to criticize Ochocino at least he is here in Mini-camp and appears to be committed to working with Palmer and improving on a terrible 2008 campaign. Chad knows that he must step up this season and has the opportunity to with Houshmanzadeh leaving in the off season. Palmer will more than likely focus on increasing opportunities for Ochocino.

Position battles on the Offensive Line, and Defense will be interesting this season. We added some depth to an already strong defense where some young players will step up to compete for a starting job. Rey Malualuga will be competing with Rashad Jeanty for a starting role at LB and should have a good shot as long as he progresses.

I am going to say the same thing about this team that I do every year. I like them, I think they have some talent and we could make a splash.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Paging Drew Stubbs.....

Willy Taveras can now officially be called the Corey Patterson of 2009 for the Reds. I didn't like the Taveras signing from the start and now we may see him in the lineup for a long time since Dusty Baker has a man crush on him. How can you have a guy batting lead-off when they're hitting .219 and have an on-base percentage of .270! Sorry Taveras but I think 200+ at-bats is enough to prove your worth!

If you want a spark in your offense bring up Drew Stubbs from Louisville. What does the kid have left to prove? He currently has a team best .304 average and a .392 on-base percentage.

Not to mention he has a better glove than Willy. Plus, Taveras was signed by the Reds to get on-base and then steal bases. He only has 13 this year when Stubbs has 25 in Louisville. Also, Stubbs has yet to produce and error in the outfield this season.

Off the topic, Homer Bailey has only given up 14 runs in his last 10 starts and during this time has posted a 6-3 record with a 1.83 ERA, just saying....

Joey Votto to begin Rehab Assignment

Tonight in Sarasota, FL Reds young first baseman Joey Votto will begin his rehab assignment for the Sarasota Reds. There is still not time table set for Votto's return but some are speculating he will be back for the Torono series. We still do not know exactly what has put Joey Votto on the DL in the first place. Most around here have said to give him his privacy, I go back and forth on that issue. When you become a Major League baseball player, like it or not, you live your life in the spotlight. I have my own theory on Votto. Joey Votto, a proud Canadian, was placed on the DL on March 30th. March 30th just so happened to be the first game of the Stanley Cup Finals. Being the strong Canadian that he is he couldn't have focused on baseball during the Stanley Cup finals. Now that the finals are over, Votto can begin to focus on baseball rather than hockey. Thats my theory.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

2009 Fantasy Baseball Booms and Busts

We are creeping towards the half-way point of our fantasy baseball seasons and I wanted to take a look at some of the Fantasy Baseball booms and busts.


Albert Pujols- .326 AVG, 23 HR, 58 RBI
No real shock here, Pujols was drafted on average with the #2 pick. He has been one of the most consistent players of our generation.

Raul Ibanez- .315 AVG, 22 HR, 59 RBI
Ibanez was drafted on average with the 128th pick in the Fantasy Drafts, if you got this Phillies outfielder late you got a steal. He is currently the #2 fantasy player.

Carl Crawford- .314 AVG, 36 SB, 29 RBI
Crawford was drafted on average with the #32 pick, he doesn't knock the cover off of the ball but his consistent hitting and stolen bases should be helping your team.

Justin Morneau- .329 AVG, 16 HR, 55 RBI
Those who know fantasy baseball know this guy is a stud, be he still fell to be picked with the #32 average pick and fourth among first basemen.


Lance Berkman- .254 AVG, 13 HR, 37 RBI
Berkman was selected with the 20th pick in most fantasy drafts and has been a disappointment so far this season. Last year he tore up RBI's and AVG, this year he has struggled to put it lightly.

Jimmy Rollins- .221 AVG, 5 HR, 25 RBI
Rollins was selected on average with the #13 pick in most drafts. The coveted SS position in fantasy baseball, Rollins numbers are way down from last year.

Jose Reyes- .279 AVG, 13 RBI, 11 SB
Reyes was drafted with the 4th pick in most drafts, he is dealing with injury right now on the DL. When he was on the field he was less than impressive.

Grady Sizemore- .223 AVG, 9 HR, 21 RBI
Sizemore was on average drafted in the #6 slot and in most leagues one of the first outfielders taken. He is currently on the DL with elbow issues.

Reds place Mike Lincoln on DL

The Cincinnati Reds have placed pitcher Mike Lincoln on the 15-day DL retroactive to Sunday. To replace him on the roster they have called up RHP Josh Roenicke. Roenicke is is 1-0 with a 3.00 ERA this season for Class AAA Louisville.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

30 Days in Jail for DUI Manslaughter!

I love how athletes can get away with just about anything, including killing people. Just remember, the next time you've had a little to much to drink pull a Donte Stallworth, get in your car and run over someone you despise, you may get away with it.......(don't really do that).

A-Rod and Sosa Test Positive for Steroids.... What about the other 102?

Reports came out today stating Sammy Sosa was one of the 104 major league players who tested positive for a performance-enhancing substance based on reports. You would have to be pretty naive to think Sosa, McGwire, Bonds and many others didn't take performance-enhancing drugs nowadays. To go from where they were to what they did was ridiculous and not humanly possible without some sort of illegal substance.

The thing that bothers me is these players are being singled out when they're 102 other players who did the same thing. I know both Sosa and A-Rod's names leaked out and that the names were suppose to remain private but now that several players have been singled out shouldn't the reports go public?

Kentucky Expectations

I am growing more and more concerned as I listen and read the banter of Kentucky fans around the Bluegrass. John Calipari is in his first season as head coach of this program. Yes he has the best recruiting class and Billy Clyde didn't exactly leave the cupboard bare, but still he is a first year coach. A perfect example of this situation would be Roy Williams at North Carolina. Williams came from great success at Kansas and inherited a team at UNC that was down for Carolina standards (kind of like Kentucky) In his first year at UNC Williams had the luxury of having All Americans Sean May, Rashad McCants, and Raymond Felton. (Kind of like DeMarcus Cousins, John Wall, and Eric Bledsoe) That season Williams and the Tarheels finished 19-11 and were ousted in the second round of the tournament. I don't want to turn this into a debate between the 2004 Tarheels and this seasons Wildcats. The point that I do want to make is we must be patient with Calipari and cannot expect a National Championship every season. I am worried because the banter that I hear out of Lexington is "anything less than a final four will be disappointing with this team." This team has talent but lets be patient with Coach Calipari. Patients could pay off, Williams took that team in his second season as Tarheels coach to a national title.

2009/2010 Kentucky Wildcats Roster

With Jodie Meeks announcing that he will be staying in the NBA draft Kentucky now looks to be set for the 2009-2010 season. With that we will take an early look at what we have set for next season Coach Calipari will still have one scholarship available at this point it will more than likely go unused.

Perry Stevenson
Ramon Harris
Patrick Patterson
Josh Harrellson
DeAndre Liggins
Darius Miller
John Wall
Demarcus Cousins
Daniel Orton
Eric Bledsoe
Darnell Dodson
Jon Hood

Monday, June 15, 2009

2008/2009 NKY State Champions

With the Baseball State Championships wrapping up on Saturday all of the 2008/2009 State Champions have been decided for this season. Staying true to our roots we would like to recognize all of the NKY teams who have won State Titles this season.

Boys Basketball: Holmes Bulldogs
Boys Cross Country (1A): St. Henry Crusaders
Girls Cross Country (1A): St. Henry Crusaders
Football (1A): Beechwood Tigers
Football (5A): Highlands Bluebirds
Girls Track (1A): Newport Central Catholic Thoroughbreds
Girls Track (2A): Highlands Bluebirds
Boys Track (2A): Covington Catholic Colonels

6/15- This Week In Reds Baseball

* After going 2-4 and losing 4 straight on this road stand with Washington and Kansas City Reds manager Dusty Baker says we need to stay patient and this team is a work in progress. It's hard to be patient with this team because we all know what they are capable of. We have just seen serious inconsistency.

* Jerry Hairston Jr. just cannot get it done defensively at third base. This weekend he proved once again that he just cannot consistently make the play from third to first. Hairston is a spot player and needs to be used accordingly.

* Still no word on Joey Votto, Votto was working out at GABP this week and is eligible to come off of the DL but we have had no indication of when that may be.

* Situational hitting has been an issue for this team all season, for the Royals series the Reds were 1-17 with runners in scoring position.

NL Central Standings
Brewers 34-29 (-) .540 Lost 2
Cardinals 34-30 (0.5) .531 Lost 1
Reds 31-31 (2.5) .500 Lost 4
Cubs 30-30 (2.5) .500 Won 1
Pirates 30-33 (4) .476 Won 2
Astros 29-32 (4) .475 Won

This Weeks Schedule
Tuesday- Atlanta Braves- 7:10pm
Wednesday- Atlanta Braves- 7:10pm
Thursday- Atlanta Braves- 12:35pm
Friday- Chicago White Sox- 7:10pm
Saturday- Chicago White Sox- 7:10pm
Sunday- Chicago White Sox- 1:10pm

Reds Statistical Leaders
AVG 0.273 Phillips
HOME RUNS 15 Bruce
RBI 43 Phillips
STEALS 12 Taveras
ERA 2.17 Cueto
WINS 7 Arroyo
SAVES 15 Cordero

NBA Draft Deadline

Today at 5:00pm marks the deadline for players to either pull their name from the NBA Draft or decide to keep their name among the players eligible to be drafted. So far today here are the decisions that have been made. More will come throughout the day.

Staying in the NBA Draft:
Jodie Meeks- Kentucky
Jrue Holliday- UCLA

Returning to School:
Gani Lawal- Georgia Tech
Devan Downey- South Carolina
Damion James- Texas
Mac Koshwal- DePaul

Jodie Meeks Leaving Kentucky, Staying in the NBA Draft

Jodie Meeks has released a statement indicating that he will be staying in the NBA Draft. Although most predict that Jodie will be a second round selection Meeks has still decided to pursue his dream of playing in the NBA. This is a blow to Coach John Calipari and the Kentucky Wildcats but even without Meeks Kentucky should be heavily favored in the SEC.

Meeks has worked out for several NBA teams including Minnesota, Philadelphia, and Washington.

Jodie's 54 point performance at Tennessee last year was a record for the most points scored in a game from a Kentucky player. Meeks is a 56th member of UK's 1,000th point club and also holds the record for single season three pointers made.

Shaq shows some Love on Twitter

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Phil Jackson wins 10th NBA Championship

With the Lakers winning their 15th NBA Championship Sunday night, head coach Phil Jackson became the first head coach to reach 10 NBA Championship wins and surpass Red Auerbach of the Celtics for the most NBA title. To really feel Jackson's dominance take a look at the coaches who have won NBA titles in the last 20 years. Of those twenty years there have only been 7 coaches in the last twenty years who have won an NBA title.

2009 NBA Los Angeles Lakers- Phil Jackson
2008 NBA Boston Celtics- Doc Rivers
2007 NBA San Antonio- Gregg Popovich
2006 NBA Miami Heat- Pat Riley
2005 NBA San Antonio Spurs- Gregg Popovich
2004 NBA Detroit Pistons- Larry Brown
2003 NBA San Antonio Spurs- Gregg Popovich
2002 NBA Los Angeles Lakers- Phil Jackson
2001 NBA Los Angeles Lakers- Phil Jackson
2000 NBA Los Angeles Lakers- Phil Jackson
1999 NBA San Antonio Spurs- Gregg Popovich
1998 NBA Chicago Bulls- Phil Jackson
1997 NBA Chicago Bulls- Phil Jackson
1996 NBA Chicago Bulls- Phil Jackson
1995 NBA Houston Rockets- Rudy Tomjanovich
1994 NBA Houston Rockets- Rudy Tomjanovich
1993 NBA Chicago Bulls- Phil Jackson
1992 NBA Chicago Bulls- Phil Jackson
1991 NBA Chicago Bulls- Phil Jackson
1990 NBA Detroit Pistons- Chuck Daly

Who wants to see Matt Holliday in a Reds Uniform?

I never thought I'd see the day when the Cincinnati Reds would struggle to put runs on the board, but it seems that way so far this season. The team has averaged a miserable 2.85 runs per game with Joey Votto out of the lineup and weren't much better with him in the order everyday. The team also just made the Royals starters look like the Atlanta Braves rotation of the early 90's.

Imagine adding one more productive bat to the lineup... would this push the Reds to the the playoffs?

That bat could be Matt Holliday. Everyone knows the Reds are in need of a bat in the middle of the order to hit for a solid average, have some power, and get runners in, Holliday could fill all of these voids. Lets face it, our outfield is struggling: Nix at .259, Dickerson at .242, Taveras at .229, and the golden child Jay Bruce at .212.

A career .316 hitter, Holliday is only 29 years old, is currently making 13.5 million and is a free-agent after this season. If Holliday isn't locked down to a big contract by either the A's or whomever he may be traded to you know the Reds don't stand a chance vying for him in the free-agent market with the likes of the Yankees, Red Sox, Angels, etc. It doesn't help that Holliday is represented by Scott Boras but he's struggling a little this season and his value for a long-term deal may slip a bit because of this.

We know the Reds have plenty of arms in there farm system but the thing is if you know you won't be able to lock Holliday down long-term do you get rid of prospects for half a season of services?

Holliday recently said, "If it looks like we're not going to be able to make it to the postseason and they can get some good players for me, I'd be OK with getting a chance to go try to make it to the postseason and play in October."

What guy wouldn't want to be traded to a contender, but knowing the Reds can contend may push Holliday to take a cheaper deal to stay with a up-and-coming team.

The Rays have locked down guys like Evan Longoria and Carl Crawford to cheap deals. Many other teams have done this as well so why cant the Reds?

Alex Smith NOT Decommiting from UC

It was once reported here on nkysportworld.com and throughout websites across the country that prized University of Cincinnati football recruit Alex Smith had decommited recently from the program. Im getting word out of the University of Cincinnati and from Alex Smith that this is not the case. Smith caused a stir a few weeks ago when he stated that he wished to visit other schools. However, he is still committed to the University of Cincinnati. Apparently, Smith is still being heavily recruited by schools such as Michigan and Ohio State (find that interesting and rather low since he has committed). Recently, he stated he wished to visit these schools just to ensure that UC is the right place. This does not mean that Smith will be a Bearcat come 2010, however, Smith is STILL COMMITED TO UC.

Alex Smith, a soon to be senior at Lakota West High School in Cincinnati, is widely regarded as one of the top 10 tight ends in the class of 2010. Many believe that star teammate, Jordan Hicks, will follow Smith wherever he chooses to go. Brian Kelly has his work cut out for him if he wants to keep Smith. Stay tuned for further details as they occur.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Jordan Latham Re-Commits to Xavier

Jordan Latham, a 6'8 power forward, announced today that he's decided to re-commit to Xavier. Latham, the 17th-best power forward and 81st overall player on the Rivals150 for the class of 2010, originally backed off of his commitment after the departure of Sean Miller.

This is a great signing for the Muskies and Latham will blend well with Frease and the many great guards. Latham said Mack and assistant Bino Ranson were integral in his decision to recommit to the program. Now that Mack has recruited a top 100 recruit others who backed away from Xavier and lost interest over the past couple months may start to gradually regain there interest.

In 2008, Latham was regarded by Rivals as the 10th-best power forward and the 44th-best player overall in his class. Latham was sidelined by a left knee injury this past spring which led to a drop in his overall ranking.

Covington Catholic's Luke Maile Drafted by Boston Red Sox in Round 43

Luke Maile, Northern Kentucky's top high school baseball prospect, was drafted in the 43rd round with the 1,308th pick of the 2009 MLB Draft.

Many teams passed on Maile due to signability issues as most figured he would head to the University of Kentucky to honor his scholarship. However, if the Red Sox scouts like his progress they could offer him a signing bonus equivalent to a high-round pick. From prior interviews Maile seems like a smart kid and I see him heading of to college. If he proves his worth in the first couple years of college he could be a first day talent but I don't see the Red Sox offering him a large chunk of money at the moment.

Maile led Covington Catholic to a first place finish to end the season in Districts but the team eventually lost in a huge upset to the Beechwood Tigers in the Region Tournament. In 2009, Maile batted .514 with 56 runs, 12 long balls and 55 RBI's. In addition he walked 39 at bats and only struck out three times!

Joey Votto

I was at the ballpark today for a private event and Joey Votto was in the Reds Clubhouse. Votto took batting practice today and was watching some of the corporate event that was taking place on the field. Edinson Volquez was also working out with trainers at the ballpark. Still no word on whether or not Votto is coming back soon but it is confirmed that he is in town and still working. That could be a good sign for him to return soon.

What could have been...

Ahhh, remember the Reds under Jim Bowden. One giant collection of 5 tool outfielders (usually ended up lacking 3 of those 5 tools.) The days where our #1 option in the rotation was Elmer Dessens or Paul Wilson or Jimmy Haynes. Ew, I get a little sick every time I think about it. Danny Graves was the closer for 6 years....6 years there wasn't a better option than Danny Graves in Bowden's mind.

Well, luckily, the Reds seem to have finally moved on. Our minor league system has a lot of young talent. We have a solid 1-4 pitching rotation. We don't have a lot of power, but we have a really good bullpen and play good, sometimes great defense. This is all thanks to an owner that cares and a solid, proven general manager.

However, we are not alone in our Bowden suffering. There is a group of fans going through what we once went through. I am asking that everyone go offer their support to our friends at firejimbowden.blogspot.com. They are dealing with the end result of a team put together by Jim Bowden. And boy is it ugly. The Nationals are now 15 and 42! They are already a full 19 games behind the Phillies and are on pace to lose 119 games. They seem to be aiming for the worst record in the history of major league baseball, at least to share that honor with the 40-120 1962 Mets.

To understand their pain, please read this post and comments and remember the time, offer sympathy and be thankful for what we have.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sure Bob Huggins Stepped Into His Door..... I'm Thinking Drunken Stooper

Noel Johnson Considering Xavier

Noel Johnson, a prized 2009 recruit who was released from his LOI at USC, is said by some to be considering Xavier as a potential school for his services. When Johnson was initially on the recruiting trail he had narrowed his list down to three schools USC, Louisville, and Georgia Tech. With most major programs already set in their 09-10 rosters Xavier could potentially be a good option for Johnson. Johnson would be a huge pickup for the Musketeers, at 6'7" Noel has great range and an all around solid game. With Derrick Brown going to the NBA, the Musketeers could use a player of his caliber.

Reds Draft Picks 2009

The Reds will continue their draft but at this point these are the players they have selected:

#8 Pick- Michael Leake- RHP (Arizona State)
See scouting report below.

#43 Pick- Bradley Boxberger- RHP (USC)
Most see Boxberger as becoming a reliever. Has good velocity but has difficulty maintain speed throughout innings. A little inconsistent with his command but has an arsenal of pitches to use.

#57 Pick- Billy Hamilton- SS (Taylorsville High School)
Was a three sport star at his school in Mississippi. Has committed to Mississippi State to play football so signability could be a question. He has raw talent with all of the tools especially if he can stay at his position of SS.

#88 Don Joseph- LHP (Houston)
Joseph is a Junior pitcher out of Houston. Pitched relief for Houston and was 3-1 with a 2.16 ERA over 50 innings with 75 strikeouts for the Cougars. Joseph has a fastball in the low 90's with some decent breaking pitches.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cincinnati Reds Take Pitcher Mike Leake in First Round of 2009 MLB Draft

The Cincinnati Reds took pitcher Mike Leake out of Arizona State with the 8th pick of the 2009 MLB Draft today.

Leake is only 21 and was a junior at Arizona State. He posted a miraculous 16-1 record last season with a 1.36 ERA in 17 games. In 133 innings pitched he fanned 150 batters and only walked 21. As a sophomore he posted a 11-3 record with a 3.49 ERA and in his first season as a Sun Devil posted a 13-2 record with a 3.69 ERA.

His strikeout to walk ratio stands out the most to me as he posted 348 K's to only 70 BB's at ASU, almost a 5:1 ratio!

Leake is overlooked by many due to his 6'0, 180 pound stature. He's not the type of pitcher that will blow up the radar gun but he can throw four pitches, and throw each well: a curve, change up, slider and fastball. Lets hope Leake can prove the doubters wrong and be the next Tim Lincecum.... I sure hope so after looking at the Reds previous 1st round pitching prospects.

For a scouting video of Mike Leake, click here.

Reds Amateur Draft History

Tonight is the opening round of the 2009 MLB Draft, and thanks to Redleg2420 we have a great MLB Draft Preview. But as we approach this draft there is a lot of discussion regarding finding Major League talent to help this ball club. However, the MLB draft is completely different than the NBA or NFL draft. The fruits of this years draft may not be realized for some time, or even at all. The draft goes 50 rounds, so each year the Reds are able to draft 50 players so since 2000 the Reds have drafted roughly 400 players. Of those 400 only 16 have made it to the Majors. Below is a list of players who the Reds have drafted that have made it to the big show.

Dustin Moseley
Dane Sardinha
Ryan Snare
Stephen Smitherman
Chris Schroder

Jeremy Sowers

Joey Votto
Chris Denorfia

Ryan Wagner
Carlos Guevara
Chris Dickerson

Homer Bailey
Paul Janish

Jay Bruce
Adam Rosales

Josh Roenicke

Likewise the Reds have not had success with thier first round picks throughout the years. Below is a list of the Reds #1 picks dating back to 1990. The players highlighted made it to the MLB.

2008 Yonder Alonso
2007 Devin Mesoraco C
2007 Todd Frazier 3B
2007 Kyle Lotzkar RHP
2006 Drew Stubbs OF
2005 Jay Bruce OF
2004 Homer Bailey RHP
2003 Ryan Wagner RHP

2002 Christopher Gruler RHP
2002 *Mark Schramek 3B
2001 Jeremy Sowers LHP
2000 David Espinosa
2000 *Dustin Moseley RHP
1999 Ty Howington LHP
1998 Austin Kearns
1997 Brandon Larson SS

1996 John Oliver OF
1996 *Matt McClendon RHP
1994 C.J. Nitkowski LHP
1993 *Pat Watkins OF
1992 Chad Mottola OF
1991 Pokey Reese
1990 Dan Wilson

TE Alex Smith De-Commits from Cincinnati

Lakota West Junior star TE Alex Smith has reopened his recruiting process after previously verbally committing to the University of Cincinnati. Smith had visited UC, Kentucky, and Michigan prior to committing to the Bearcats. Since that commitment he has received offers from LSU, North Carolina, and Miami (Fl.) Smith wanted to open his recruitment back up and visit some of these schools before officially signing.

Monday, June 8, 2009

6/8- This Week in Reds Baseball

* Still no official word on Joey Votto and the reason why he is on the DL for "stress related issues." Votto would be due to come off of the 15 day DL today but that will be extended for an unkown amount of time. Thus far this season Votto has only played in 38 games at 1B, Catcher Ramon Hernandez has now started 19 games at first, and Adam Rosales 7.

* Matt Maloney had a very solid MLB debut in front of a huge crowd of Cubs fans at GABP on Saturday night. Although he didn't get the decision Maloney allowed just two runs on six hits over six innings. He walked one, struck out four and collected his first career hit.

* This week the Reds will play an revised version of the Jim Bowden era Reds in Washington. The Nationals, who are led by former Red Adam Dunn's 17 HR and 44 RBI, also inlcude former Cincinnati "stars" Ron Villone, Austin Kearns, and Dmitri Young (DL).

* The Reds will travel to Kanasas City this weekend for an interleague series with the Royals, lucky for the Reds AL pitching ace Zack Greinke is scheduled to pitch Thursday against Cleveland. Greinke is 8-2 this season with a 1.55 ERA and 91 K's.

* One of the bright spots on this team so far has been Ramon Hernandez. Practically exiled from Baltimore Hernandez has stepped up to provide clutch hitting for the Reds and has managed the staff of pitchers as good as any catcher that I have seen in a Reds uniform in some time.

* Throughout the season the Reds have kept their games pretty close. They have played in 56 games so far this season and 15 of them have been one-run games with the Reds going 6-9 in one run games. 6 games have gone extra innings where the Reds are 2-4. There have been 18 blowout games where the lead is over 5+ runs and the Reds are 10-8.

Brewers 33-24 (-) .579 Lost 1
Cardinals 31-26 (2) .544 Lost 3
Cubs 28-26 (3.5) .519 Won 1
Reds 29-27 (3.5) .518 Lost 1
Pirates 26-30 (6.5) .464 Lost 1
Astros 25-30 (7) .455 Won 1

This Week's Schedule
Tuesday- 7:05 @ Washington
Wednesday- 7:05 @ Washington
Thursday- 4:35 @ Washington
Friday- 8:10 @ Kansas City
Saturday- 7:10 @ Kansas City
Sunday- 2:10 @ Kansas City

Reds Statistical Leaders
AVG 0.276- Phillips
HOME RUNS 14- Bruce
RBI 41- Phillips
STEALS 12- Taveras
ERA 2.43- Cueto
WINS 7- Arroyo
SAVES 14- Cordero

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Tiger Woods Shoots Seven Under on Final Day to Win the Memorial

Muirfield Village in Dublin, Ohio is said to be one of the toughest courses on the PGA Tour, and I saw that first hand today. After shooting five under on the first three days Tiger Woods re-grouped to shoot a seven under on the final day of the Memorial to claim the title. Woods finished one stroke in front of Jim Furyk at twelve under.

Furyk had the following to say about Woods' performance. "I just wish you all would just quit [ticking] him off ... so he has to come back and keep proving stuff. I think he answered a lot of questions today."

Woods birdied the two toughest holes on the course, numbers seventeen and eighteen. For a while it looked like journeyman Jonathan Byrd may claim the title after an eagle which sent him to eleven under with plenty of golf to play. As suspected Woods pulled some tricks out of his sleeve on the tough greens and pin placements to prevail.

To watch the pros of the PGA play on the television is one thing, but to see it first hand is ridiculous. All of them make the game look so easy and while I would be jumping for joy after knocking in a chip all of them do it on a daily basis with no reaction. If you get a chance go out and see these guys play if they're in a tourney close to your town. Seeing the herd of cows, I mean spectators, following Tiger is hilarious and I wouldn't recommend it. Sitting in the grandstands, drinking beer, and baking in the sun is the life, I just wish the only beer they had on tap wasn't Heineken Light.

2009 MLB Mock Drafts

The MLB draft doesn't get quite the press that the NFL or NBA draft do, because most of us don't get to follow these players until they have already hit at least the minor leagues. But its an extremely important part of building a small to mid market baseball team like the Reds. The draft will start on Tuesday June 9th and run through the 11th.

So, alright, I can't come up with an honest MLB mock draft. But there are a couple of people that can. Below are links to the mock from the Sporting News and sportscity.com.

Sporting News

Sports City

The Reds have the 8th pick in this year's draft. The last time the Reds selected 8th was in 2006. They selected Drew Stubbs. It looks like that pick might pay off soon. Since the Reds have added scouts to their scouting department (post Schott/Bowden era) the Reds have had much more success in the draft. Here's hoping the trend continues.

Both sites have the Reds picking a left handed pitcher. That was also mentioned by George Grande in the game broadcast today. So, all the rumors are leading to either Tyler Matzek out of California or Matt Purke out of Texas.

mymlbdraft.com has a list of all of the #8 picks in the draft since 1980. This must be a snakebitten spot, not too many big names on this list. Anyone for Jay Bell??

Just Another Good Trade

After watching Nick Massett lock down once again and lead the Reds in extra innings win against the Cubs I became even more and more pleased with the Reds deal when they traded Ken Griffey Jr. Earlier in the week we looked at Griffey's numbers while playing for Cincinnati. The whole league knew that Cincinnati would not be resigning Griffey following the 08 season so the fact that they were able to manage a deal to trade him at the deadline was amazing in itself. But the fact that they were able to score Nick Massett and Danny Richar from the White Sox is downright phenomenal. So far this year Masset has a 0.86 ERA with a 0.76 WHIP and has struck out 19 in just 21 innings pitched. Meanwhile in Louisville, 2B Danny Richar is hitting .286 which is third best on the team.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Landon Slone Transfers to Morehead

Former University of Kentucky walk on Landon Slone has transferred to Morehead State to play basketball for the Eagles. Slone, who is a Paintsville native, saw limited action for the Wildcats last season but quickly became a fan favorite for his hustle. Slone considered both Division II Northern Kentucky and Bellarmine but ultimately decided to stay in Division I. Slone will have to sit out his first season at Morehead although he does plan to appeal to the NCAA. Landon will not be on scholarship his first season but will have the opportunity to earn one for the remainder of his career at Morehead.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

NKYSportsWorld 2009 NBA Mock Draft

With the NBA Draft right around the corner on June 25th it is time for our first annual NBA Mock Draft. Thanks to writer Matt we had a successful NFL Mock Draft and I will take the reins for the NBA draft. Outside of the first few picks it is tough to prognosticate but I selected players based on need and talent level.

1. LA Clippers- Blake Griffin PF/C (Oklahoma)
Consensus #1 pick, no real doubts here.
2. Memphis Grizzlies- Hasheem Thabeet C (Connecticut)
Pair a dominating big man with OJ Mayo and they are making the right steps.
3. Oklahoma City Thunder- James Harden SG (Arizona St.)
Excellent scorer but even better floor general, will be a leader immediately.
4. Sacramento Kings- Ricky Rubio PG (Europe)
Rubio proved his worth in the Olympic games, only 18 years old so a lot of upside.
5. Washington Wizards- Jordan Hill- PF (Arizona)
Has bulked up at the PF position, similar to Chris Bosh, has good range.
6. Minnesota Timberwolves- Tyreke Evans PG/SG (Memphis)
Can play both PG and SG but would be most effective as a SG with the ability to run.
7. Golden State Warriors- Brandon Jennings PG (Europe)
Very athletic and very quick, he struggles at times with his jumper.
8. NY Knicks- Stephen Curry PG/SG (Davidson)
Can absolutely fill it up, he can spot or create off of the dribble.
9. Toronto Raptors- Jonny Flynn PG (Syracuse)
Very fast and deceptively strong, Flynn plays with great composure.
10. Milwaukee Bucks- Jrue Holiday PG (UCLA)
A lot of hype coming out of high school that was not completely realized at UCLA.
11. New Jersey Nets- DeJuan Blair PF (Pitt)
Big physical body, should be able to bang at this level and contribute for the Nets.
12. Charlotte Bobcats- Demar DeRozan SG (USC)
Very long and athletic, the prototypical NBA wing player, should thrive.
13. Indiana Pacers- Gerald Henderson SG/SF (Duke)
Very smart athletic player who will complement the personnel in Indy.
14. Phoenix Suns- James Johnson SF (Wake Forest)
Versatile player who can use his huge wingspan to both pull up and attack the rim.
15. Detroit Pistons- Jeff Teague PG (Wake Forest)
Quick and explosive, good defender, should fill a void in Detroit.
16. Chicago Bulls- BJ Mullens C (Ohio State)
The missing piece in Chicago, Mullens would be a good pickup for the Bulls.
17. Philadelphia 76ers- Ty Lawson PG (North Carolina)
Philly has been looking for the next Iverson and may have found it with Lawson.
18. Minnesota Timberwolves- Terrance Williams SG (Louisville)
I think one of the sleepers in this draft, Williams shoud contribute right away.
19. Atlanta Hawks- Tyler Hansborough PF (North Carolina)
Hansborough is smart and athletic, we will see if his game translates to the NBA.
20. Utah Jazz- Wayne Ellington SG (North Carolina)
One of the best shooters in this draft should help Utah immediately.
21. New Orleans Hornets- Earl Clark SF (Louisville)
A versital combo guard, good defense and good shot.
22. Dallas Mavericks- Darren Collison PG (UCLA)
Very high basketball IQ, will thrive working with veterans in Dallas.
23. Sacramento Kings- Omri Casspi SF (Israel)
The stereotypical tall foreign player with a good shot and gritty play.
24. Portland Trailblazers- Eric Maynor SG (VCU)
Extremely smart player, can score in droves, quick and smart player.
25. Oklahoma City Thunder- Damion Jones SF (Texas)
Very tall and athletic, can rebound the ball on both ends very well for his size.
26. Chicago Bulls- Marcus Thornton SG (LSU)
Four year player out of LSU, Thornton will be a solid role player for the Bulls.
27. Memphis Grizzlies- Derrick Brown SF (Xavier)
Tall and lanky for his position, left handed shooter who finishes well at the rim.
28. Minnesota Timberwolves- DaJaun Summers SG (Georgetown)
Great size for a SG can play both inside and out.
29. LA Lakers- Toney Douglas- PG (Florida State)
Strong and tough player, not very flashy but efficient, excellent body control.
30. Cleveland Cavaliers- Taj Gibson PF (USC)
Good length and athletic for his position soft touch around the rim.

Comparing Adam Dunn to Jay Bruce

Two of the most highly touted Reds to come out of the organizations farm system over the past decade are Adam Dunn and Jay Bruce. Both played sparingly a year before there first full season and I thought it would be interesting to compare there numbers to this point in there second year in the bigs(see below):

Adam Dunn Stats in first full season through May:

2002: .306 AVG, 11 HR, 36 RBI, 32 R, .460 OBP, 49 BB, 56 K

Jay Bruce Stats in first full season through May:

2009: .220 AVG, 14 HR, 30 RBI, 29 R, .296 OBP, 18 BB, 45 K

Granted Bruce is much better in the field (seven outfield assists and only one error) his offensive numbers have fared far worse in comparison. The big thing that stands out to me is Bruce’s OBP. His numbers so far this year look worse than Dunn’s because his K’s are high, like Dunn, but he fails to draw walks and his average is way down. Bruce will come around but we wanted to get rid of Dunn because he struck out way to much and had a low average throughout his career. You don’t think people will be calling for Bruce’s head if he keeps this up?

So far this year Dunn is batting .269 with 16 HR’s and 42 RBI’s for the worst team in baseball, the Natinals. He’s putting up these numbers with no supporting cast around him as well. Oh, and the Reds have a platoon of Nix, Gomes, and Dickerson in left field, I’d much rather have that.....

Cincinnati Bearcats sign JaQuon Parker

It has been a long offseason in waiting, but the University of Cincinnati Men's basketball team signed JaQuon Parker yesterday. Parker is a strong, physical 6'4 and 200 pound point guard from the state of Virginia. He was Mr. Basketball in the state of Virginia last season and led his team Kings Fork High School to a 31-1 record and state championship. Originally a member of the 2010 recruiting class, Parker will take two summer classes and will be eligible to play for the Bearcats in the fall. Parker is listed as a physically gifted point guard and was ranked #24 in his class. He committed to Old Dominion early on in high school but retracted his committment after big name programs began calling.

This signing is a big one for the Bearcats. UC was in major need of a back up point guard and was able to sign a very good one. Parker was being recruited heavily by several major college basketball programs, including numerous members of the Big East. His addition will allow a smoother transition for Redshirt Freshman Cashmere Wright and will also allow Senior Deonta Vaughn to play his more natural shooting guard position.

The University of Cincinnati still has one remaining scholarship for next season. It is possible that the scholarship will be held for 2010, but reports are beginning to surface that a potential big man may be added.

A video of the new bearcat can be seen at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9puZhdVlPgo

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Louisville offers JaBarie Hinds

Rick Pitino and the University of Louisville have offered a scholarship to JaBrari Hinds. Hinds, a PG from Mount Vernon, NY, helped lead his team to the SNY Invitational Championship. Out of the class of 2011 Hinds is known for his speed and ability to get to the rim. He is not much of a sharp shooter but could be a formidable PG in Pitino's system. Hinds has not been a huge name on the recruiting trail but has the skills to become a nice player if he accepts his offer.

Evaluating the Cincinnati Trade for Ken Griffey Jr.

Ken Griffey Jr. is one of the greatest Baseball players of all-time. On February 10, 2000 GM Jim Bowden and the Cincinnati Reds traded Jake Meyer, Mike Cameron, Antonio Perez and Bret Tomko to the Seattle Mariners for Junior. The trade was monumental for the Reds at the time, they were able to secure the best player in the game who happened to play his High School baseball in Cincinnati. There is no doubt that from a marketing standpoint the trade was a plus for Cincinnati. Ken Griffey Jr. brought people to the ballpark and brought national attention to a team who needed it at the time. But I was curious to take a look back and evaluate the statistics of the two main players involved in this trade, Ken Griffey Jr. and Mike Cameron. There is no doubt that Griffey is a much better player overall than Cameron, but if you look at what they have done since the trade, the trade is a little more even than what you would suspect.)
Ken Griffey Jr. statistics after being traded to the Reds:
(Does not include 2009 stats)
1,238 Games
938 Hits
3,484 AB
.269 AVG
213 HR
620 RBI

Mike Cameron
986 Games
1,146 Hits
4,557 AB
.251 AVG
197 HR
690 RBI

What do these statistics tell us? To me it says that the Reds didn't get as good of a deal as they may have suspected at the time. Everyone knows the story of Griffey and being plagued by injury. Junior is riding out his career in Seattle currently while Cameron is still contributing for the Brewers.

Monday, June 1, 2009

My Crystal Ball Shows a Long Holdout for Andre Smith in the Future…

The Cincinnati Bengals currently cannot open contract talks with Andre Smith because he fired his agent, Alvin Keels of Priority Sports, in early May. Sources say the offensive lineman will re-hire Keels…. but that remains to be seen. Also, the Bengals are said to be seeking a “pay-for-pay” clause for financial protection due to Smith’s sketchy past. What makes this even more interesting is that the Bengals moved Whitworth to left tackle and currently have Smith lined up at left guard. Granted, Whitworth did play tackle in college they could be placing Smith at guard because they don’t expect him for the start of training camp and want to get Whitworth prepared to play other positions if this ends up being the case.

Your Thoughts?

2009 MLB All-Star Game: This is Why I Hate Fan Voting

I'm sorry but the Brewers aren't this good and some of these guys shouldn't even get votes (see below).

National League voting as of June 1, 2009:

C: Yadier Molina, Jason Kendall, Ivan Rodridguez
1B: Albert Pujols, Prince Fielder, Ryan Howard
2B: Chase Utley, Orlando Hudson, Rickie Weeks
SS: Hanley Ramirez, Jimmy Rollins, J.J. Hardy
3B: David Wright, Ryan Zimmerman, Bill Hall
OF: Ryan Braun, Raul Ibanzez, Alfonso Soriano, Mike Cameron(6th), Corey Hart(8th)

As for the Reds, Joey Votto is currently 4th and Brandon Phillips is 5th at there positions.

NCAA will watch Kentucky

With all of this Derek Rose academic eligibility issues now in the front of the media spotlight you better believe that the NCAA will have a very watchful eye over three of Kentucky's top recruits. John Wall, Eric Bledsoe, and DeMarcus Cousins all still need to work toward becoming academically eligible. As most are waiting on standardized test results I am confident that the NCAA will be a very close spectator to those tests and any discrepancies that they may find. I know that both the testing facilitators and the NCAA will raise questions if any scores have significantly increased over previous attempts.

6/1- This Week in Reds Baseball

* Tough start for this very important road swing for the Reds getting swept in Milwaukee. The Reds were outscored 17-9 in the series.

* As reported in a previous post, the Reds placed 1B Joey Votto on the disabled list. Votto was dealing with an ear infection that caused him dizziness but he was placed on the DL due to stress related issues. The reason has not been disclosed and Votto asked that it is not public. The Reds have asked to respect his privacy. I went into my boss today to ask off for 15 days due to stress. I am still here.

* RHP Edinson Volquez was recalled from the DL today and will pitch in his next scheduled start in St. Louis tonight at Busch Stadium.

* This has been the tale of two teams, they show a lot of promise and then just look completely inept. They need Votto's bat and they need Jay Bruce to wake up. Bruce is looking more and more like Adam Dunn with an all or nothing at the plate. He will need to show more discipline at the plate if he wants to be a superstar.

NL Central Standings
Brewers 30-20 (-) .600 Won 3
Cardinals 29-21 (1) .580 Lost 1
Reds 26-23 (3.5) .531 Lost 3
Cubs 25-24 (4.5) .510 Lost 1
Pirates 22-28 (8) .440 Lost 1
Astros 20-28 (9) .417 Won 1

This Week's Schedule
Monday June 1- 8:15PM at Cardinals
Tuesday June 2- 8:15PM at Cardinals
Wednesday June 3- 8:15PM at Cardinals
Thursday June 4- 8:15PM at Cardinals
Friday June 5- 7:10PM Cubs
Saturday June 6- 7:10PM Cubs
Sunday June 7- 1:10PM Cubs

Reds Statistical Leaders
AVG 0.286 Hernandez
HOME RUNS 14 Bruce
RBI 36 Phillips
STEALS 12 Taveras
ERA 2.53 Cueto
WINS 7 Arroyo
SAVES 13 Cordero