Monday, November 30, 2009

Reports: Weis out at Notre Dame

The New York Daily news is reporting that Charlie Weis is now out as the Head Coach of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Most around college football do not see this as a huge shock. Now speculation will begin as to who will replace Weis as coach of the Irish. Cincinnati head football coach Brian Kelly has been included in a lot of speculation as many of you already know. I was recently discussing this issue with some business colleagues of mine from South Bend and Notre Dame graduates. They were indicating to me that Kelly's name has been used a lot in South Bend but not as much as Jim Harbaugh, the current coach of Stanford. The big argument that I have heard for Harbaugh is the fact that he knows how to recruit a kid who can meet the academic standards of a school like Notre Dame. Only time will tell. Brian Kelly indicated in an interview that we should know something in 10 or so days. That would lead me to believe that he will be staying in Cincinnati. Reports have been that he has been working on a contract extension with Cincinnati. They could end up making it financially enticing enough to keep him with the Bearcats.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Cancun Challenge

UK Fans in Cancun
While the Cincinnati Bearcats soak up the sun in Maui playing in the very respectable Maui invitational this week, the #5 Kentucky Wildcats find themselves in Cancun in the Cancun Challenge. Never heard of the Cancun Challenge? I can't see why, the Cats will match up with titans of College basketball such as Cleveland State, Oral Roberts, Florida A&M, Rider, Sam Houston State, Stanford and Virginia. Not only that they will be playing all of the games at the Moon Palace Resort in Cancun. Never been to the arena at the Moon Palace resort? There is a reason why, because there isn't one! The Kentucky Wildcats, winners of 7 national championships, the all-time winningest program in the history of college basketball will be playing their games in a conference room in Cancun. Check out this picture from a reader of Kentucky Sports Radio. As you can see they will have to be careful not to hit the chandeliers that are hanging from the ceiling. They do not have the luxury of sweat resistant chairs, they will have those uncomfortable banquet chairs for a bench. They will not have a locker room but will have access to Breakout room #1 in case they want to discuss the latest in global technology. I understand if they want water they will have to order room service to the bench.
This tournament is the last mark of the Billy Gillespie era of Kentucky. No real shock that Billy Clyde signed up the Cats for a tournament at an all inclusive resort in Cancun. Please tell me when this mess is over!

Monday, November 23, 2009

What the *%#$

You have the opportunity to take the AFC North and the AFC by the throat by facing a 2-7 team. All you have to do is take care of business. I hope that this game is this teams wake up call. There were so many holes in yesterday's game for the Bengals there are too many to point out. They let a backup Quarterback shred them, despite completely controlling the clock. You have to hold on to the football, inexcusable. I am sure that Marvin ripped his team yesterday and they absolutely deserved it. Where is the offense? They ran the ball well yesterday, Carson just couldn't get going, and they couldn't convert in the Red Zone. Goodbye Shane Graham, take your car collection and get out of town, you can't miss a chip shot like that and once again you cost us the game, bet you wish you had Brad St. Louis to blame that on. I am a very angry fan right now, we just missed another huge opportunity. This team refuses to make anything easy on themselves. Obviously they want to win the game but too many mistakes will eventually haunt you. Can't afford to lay any more eggs like this against bad football teams.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Sad Day in Athens

South Carolina v Georgia
The Kentucky Wildcat football team will travel to Athens, GA this week to take on the Georgia Bulldogs, and the Bulldogs will have a little extra to play for. Sadly, UGA, the Bulldog mascot of the Georgia Bulldogs passed away unexpectedly from heart problems. Here is the article. RIP UGA, but go Wildcats!

"Defense wins Championships"

Sam Houston State v Kentucky
Listen to that old sports cliche Kentucky, "Offense wins games, but defense wins Championships." For all of the hype that this young Kentucky team has brought offensively they have so far lacked defensively. For back to back games (Miami (OH) and Sam Houston State) a team has come into Rupp arena and set a record for team three pointers by an opponent. Add to that a Morehead State game that was a little too close for Cat's fans Kentucky is now 3-0 but not in #4 fashion. The issue is on defense right now, and specifically team defense. Players are not rotating, players are not moving their feet. They are relying on their athletic ability that has got them through AAU but cannot get you through this level. Any NCAA Division I player will hit a wide open shot at least 90% of the time, you have to get a hand up and you have to move. Kentucky has not only fallen short of 3pt defense but also allows their player to get to the basket a little to easily. They rely on their shot blocking ability to save them, now don't get me wrong they have a lot of good blocks, but again if you want to be upper echelon you have to play like it.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

NKYSportsWorld Survival Winner!

In a stunning fashion Redleg2420 has prevailed to defeat Matt in the 1st Annual Survival Football championship. Redleg lost two categories on the first day of play and looked to be on a Wojo like speed for an early exit. But he held on to his team and made solid picks down the stretch to hold off Matt. I was worried for Matt when he chose Joe Flacco this week, although he was facing a good matchup against Cleveland, Baltimore's offense has reached a screeching halt. Congratulations Redleg2420 now tell him what he has won Johnny.........
For being the first annual winner of the NKY SportsWorld Survival Football Challenge you win an authentic autographed baseball from former Reds Legend Jason LaRue! You will also win the ultimate respect from all NKY Sportsworlders and be able to call yourself a Champion. Congrats!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Larry Johnson in Stripes?

Reports are swirling that Larry Johnson is en route to Cincinnati for a meeting with the Bengals and that a signing could be imminent. Marvin Lewis at his press conference today stated that he had talked with LJ last Thursday and the wheels were in motion before Cedric Benson aggravated his hip on Sunday. Lewis further explained that LJ's role would be as a fourth running back and would not immediately disrupt the roles of Benson, Brian Leonard, and Bernard Scott who had a coming out party against the Steelers on Sunday.

Good move for the Bengals?

UPDATE: Larry Johnson was signed today. Marvin Lewis says that he will be a back up player, a 4th running back. He will have to play in the kicking game and provide a good insurance policy in case one of the other 3 backs go down.

If LJ jumped on this offer...there must not have been too many calls for his services. I, for one, have no problem with the move - REDLEG2420

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Stat of the Day: Cincinnati Bengals Sack Opponents

The 2009 Cincinnati Bengals defensive and offensive line has been something special to watch this year. Protecting Palmer and rushing the quarterback has been a key to the teams success and the reason we stand atop the AFC North at 7-2. Through nine games so far this year the Bengals have sacked there opponents 25 times and only let up 13 sacks. To put this in perspective, the Bengals only sacked the quarterback 17 sacks all season last year and allowed Fitzpatrick/Palmer to be sacked 51 times. Wow!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Hot Stove is heating up

It's that time of year. This used to be my favorite time of year. But, if all the rumors are true, the Reds may become this year's Montreal Expos, selling off their talent for minor leaguers with a future, but a future that's at least 2 years away.

Everyone knows that the Reds are hoping to deal one of their high priced pitchers. Walt Jocketty has said that we will have to shave 6 million off the payroll of last year, but if you include guys that already have raises coming to them or guys that will be going to arbitration, he really has to shave 10-12 million. That just happens to be what Bronson Arroyo, Aaron Harang and Fransisco Cordero make. Unfortunately there is not much of a market for a terribly inconsistent starting pitcher in Bronson Arroyo, a pitcher that can't find his way and has injury issues in Aaron Harang or an overpaid, overrated closer. All of the rumors point to the Reds having to include their best player, Brandon Phillips in a deal. If they include Phillips then a team with salary room and a need for SP and a 2B or SS might be willing to take on one of the pitcher's salaries. We could be watching Brandon Phillips in a Mets, Mariners, or Red Sox uniform next year.

I for one, don't like this path, but it was inevitable. We're small market and now we are playing the market like one.

What a Weekend for Sports!

Oh man am I excited! This weekend should be very exciting for Cincinnati sports as we have a number of events occurring this weekend.

The Cincinnati Bearcats will take on the West Virginia Mountaineers in a Friday night battle at Nippert
Connecticut v Cincinnati

For the first time probably ever the Cincinnati Bearcat football team is actually in contention to push for a National Title and the Coaches Trophy will be on hand Friday night at Nippert. Although it seems the computers are against them even if they run the table, the Bearcats have the opportunity to have the best season in the history of their program which could leave them with a BCS bowl. But before all of that comes into play they must first beat the West Virginia Mountaineers.

The Kentucky Wildcats begin the John Calipari era Friday night against Morehead State
Campbellsville v Kentucky

There has been much anticipation for this 2009-10 Kentucky Wildcats team. The minute that Calipari announced he was coming to Kentucky the Big Blue nation starting stirring, then he added the nation's #1 recruiting class and the Nation began full excitement mode. Lexington is expecting big things from this team, and I think they have the talent to do it. I would like to see a Final Four but I am not going to be greedy. I just want to see an NCAA tournament berth, I know we have been there 49 times, but missing last year just made a huge void. It all begins tonight!

The Cincinnati Bengals will travel to Pittsburgh for a matchup that could crown a Division Champ.
Cincinnati Bengals v Pittsburgh Steelers

Don't let anyone downplay the significance of this game. Sure, the Bengals could afford to take a loss and still be sitting in a good position for a playoff berth. But a victory would solidify them as a true contender and put them atop the North Division for good. Pretty simple, if they win this game they should win the division. Time to put up or shut up boys, you are a great team now go prove it....again!

Friday Night around the Tri-State High School Football teams will compete in the playoffs

We have ignored a little bit of our roots this year by not following High School football. Northern Kentucky has quite a few good teams this year and they are in the second round of their State Championship push. Defending 1A State Champ Beechwood will take on Eminence at home, hoping to set up a rematch with 1A Bellevue who will play Frankfort. Bellevue has their best team in years and should really make a good match of the Tiger next week if they can advance. Highlands, what many would call the best team in the state will take on Dixie Heights. Simon Kenton will face DuPont Manual. Ryle should have their season ended when they face Louisville St. Xavier. Holy Cross has DeSales, NCC will face Louisville Christian Academy, CovCath faces Johnson Central, and Holmes will take on LexCath.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Survival Football

The picks are in! Down to the wire and down to two.

Redleg2420- Team: Minnesota Vikings

Matt- Passer: Joe Flacco

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Kentucky Wildcats: 2009-10 Men's Basketball Preview

One era of Kentucky basketball has passed, and a new era has begun. When Kentucky fans look back at their former coaches they mention Adolph Rupp, Joe B. Hall, Rick Pitino, and Tubby Smith. They affectionately leave out Eddie Sutton and now Billy Gillispie. The past two seasons of Kentucky basketball have been rough with the Wildcats taking home losses to VMI, San Diego, and Gardner Webb. After unceremoniously bowing out of the NIT second round last season Gillispie was very publicly fired and then began Calipari-mania. Armed with the #1 recruit and the #1 recruiting class, John Calipari has his Wildcats ranked in most preseason polls in the Top 5, and expectations in Lexington are higher than ever.
Clarion vs. Kentucky

Guard: A
This is perhaps Kentucky's strongest position as far as potential. Freshman sensations John Wall and Eric Bledsoe will lead Kentucky at the guard position. Many have Wall projected as an NBA lottery pick, and Bledsoe was as heavily recruited out of Birmingham, AL. Both Wall and Bledsoe are known for their lightning quick speed and athleticism. Add to that the Wildcats return Darius Miller, who spent the summer playing with USA basketball. Darnell Dodson is a Sophomore transfer from Miami-Dade Community College where he averaged 15.7 points and 5.6 rebounds per game. Dodson is known as a strong shooter especially from outside. Off the bench the Wildcats will have freshman Jon Hood, senior Mark Krebs (played at NCC) and sophomore DeAndre Liggins.
LSU v Kentucky

Forward: B+
Patrick Patterson decided to skip the NBA draft and return for his Junior year at Kentucky. Patterson has been listed as a pre-season All-American and is one of the most physical players in all of college basketball. Patterson will play a significantly different role for the 'Cats this year and move away from the basket. Calipari's offensive system should play well into Patterson's game. The forward position has by far the most experience for the Wildcats with Patterson and senior Ramon Harris. Harris' role on this team is really still up in the air, he will more than likely come off of the bench but his contributions are not yet know. The wildcats also return Josh Harrelson, a 6-10 junior who has a pretty nice stroke from the perimeter.
Campbellsville v Kentucky

Center: A
Kentucky adds another potential lottery pick underneath the basket in freshman DeMarcus Cousins. The McDonald's All-American Cousins will be joined by another highly touted recruit Daniel Orton. Calipari's offensive style will not have these guys anchored under the basket, but will give them the opportunity to play a pro style offense and use their athletic ability. Kentucky also has senior Perry Stevenson, known for his shot blocking ability, to give them another look at the post position.

Coach: A-
Calipari has come into Kentucky and brought his "dribble drive" offense for Kentucky to run. The basic fundamentals of the offense are to attack the basket from all angles getting to the middle of the floor and getting to the rim to finish. Don't expect to watch Kentucky play a slow paced methodical game. Expect to watch the 'Cats run the floor and attack the rim. Coming from a coach who refused to make adjustments in Gillispie, Calipari is a proven winner and should be poised to make his first ever Final Four run, seriously check the record books it will be his first!

Prediction: 28-3 regular season, Final Four appearance
Kentucky's non conference schedule is pretty strong this year with the big matchup coming on December 5th when they face off with North Carolina. Add to that games with Indiana, UConn, and Louisville there are some formidable opponents on the schedule. The SEC will be stronger this year than last with Tennessee and Mississippi State having some good teams coming back. With that being said I expect Kentucky to handily win the SEC regular season championship and the conference title and enter the tournament as a #1 seed. There really are only a few teams in College Basketball that worry me one of them being Kansas. Its hard to predict how far a team of talented freshman can go, but their talent level is as good as any team in the country.

Projected Starting Lineup
Campbellsville v Kentucky

G- John Wall
G- Darnell Dodson
G- Darius Miller
F- Patrick Patterson
C- DeMarcus Cousins

G- Eric Bledsoe
F- Josh Harrellson
F- Ramon Harris
G- Jon Hood
G- Mark Krebs
G- DeAndre Liggins
F- Perry Stevenson
C- Daniel Orton

At-Home Fans

Check out this great article from Kentucky Sports Radio

Blogger Katie Martin take on the task of describing the roles of the At-Home fan. Don't discredit our power. I too played a role in the 1998 Kentucky win against Duke. Redleg2420 and I were watching at our grandma's house with our Uncle Tim. I watched the first half upstairs with them and in a desperation move decided to try my luck watching alone in the basement. Turner and Padgett went nuts on Duke in the second half and Kentucky won the game.

More recently, the 6-2 Bengals can thank the NKYSportsWorld Nation for at least four of those wins and unfortunately they can thank one of us for the Denver loss (thanks a lot for getting up Jacki!)

The role of the at-home fan is very important. Just remember double socks on one foot does not help, and you never ever say the words, "We still need the extra point" thank you Mrs. Shumate.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Xavier Musketeers: 2009-10 Men's Basketball Preview

Is anyone else getting excited for this weekend? First-year head coach, Chris Mack, takes over the reigns for the Muskies who were recently picked to finish second in the A-10 behind Dayton, who is a preseason Top 25 team behind Chris Wright. Xavier and Dayton both advanced past the first round in the NCAA tournament last year and the Muskies are shooting for there 4th straight A-10 regular season championship.

Listed below is a preview of the Muskies by position and a prediction for what may lie ahead for X in 2009-10:

NCAA Second Round: Xavier Musketeers v Wisconsin Badgers
Guard: A-
Here me out… this Xavier team is loaded at guard and may play a lineup with four of them in at once during some games. Muskie fans will finally get to see Jordan “I dunked on Lebron” Crawford. Crawford has received great reviews from spectators and the media and will be counted on immediately as the teams go to player. In addition, the team has a solid core of guards back in Dante Jackson, Brad Redford, and Terrell Holloway and have also added redshirt freshmen, Mark Lyons. Jackson is a great defender and may play the three spot to start the year, Redford is a threat from anywhere behind the arc, and Holloway is a good ball-handler with decent court vision. Since they’re so deep at guard, I say Xavier plays a three guard lineup during the course of the season.

Forward: D+
The only true forward on Xavier’s team with previous experience this year is Jamel McLean. When you lose three great forwards in Derrick Brown, C.J. Anderson, and B.J. Raymond you have to give the forward slot a significant downgrade. McLean did improve over the course of last year and showed he could be counted on in the post and as a solid rebounder. However, McLean is raw and reminds me of a Derrick Brown during his first year at Xavier, a good rebounder and dunker, but outside of that he doesn’t have much upside.

Pittsburgh Panthers v Xavier Musketeers
Center: B-
Jason Love is the lone senior for this young team and will be counted on to provide a presence in the paint and on the glass. Seven-footer, Kenny “You Just Got Frozen” Frease is back and has some experience under his belt. I believe Frease will come off the bench to start the year but will be counted on for major minutes with Love and McLean down low. Frease got better over the course of the year with his back facing the basket in the post but needs to capitalize when he gets to the charity stripe (48% last year) for the Muskies to succeed.

Coach: B-
I feel Chris Mack is an above average coach right off the bat just because he takes over a system and team he’s familiar with. Mack will make some adjustments to the play calling and game management, but the majority of what he learned from Miller I believe will be put into place during games. In addition, Mack is very familiar with the conference, team, and also has shown already that he can recruit big names.

Prediction: 24-9, One and done.
Xavier has a very tough non-conference schedule with the likes of games against Wake Forest, Butler, Florida, LSU, Cincinnati, Kansas State, Marquette and other potential good match-ups in the Old Spice Classic. However, Xavier has the benefit of being in the A-10! I think the Musketeers will get there 4th straight regular season championship but they will lose in the conference tournament and will be overpowered by a higher seed in the second round of the NCAA’s. I think this team, like many Xavier teams in the past, is under-rated, however, they are young and will be loaded with a strong class of experienced juniors for the 2010-11 season. Also, I think the A-10 will get three teams in the big dance (Xavier, Dayton, and Richmond).

Projected Starting Lineup:
G - Terrell Holloway
G - Jordan Crawford
G - Dante Jackson
F - Jamel McLean
C - Jason Love

G - Brad Redford
G - Mark Lyons
C - Kenny Frease
G - Brian Walsh
F - Jeff Robinson

Monday, November 9, 2009

Let the games begin!

Tonight is the unofficial opening night of NCAA College Basketball! If I were to rank sports that I get most excited about College Basketball has to rank up at the top with the NFL. So if you are ready you can tune in tonight to the following Top 25 matchups to get the season started.

Florida International at (4) North Carolina (Will be on ESPNU)
Murray State at (12) California
Alcorn State at (17) Ohio State
Albany at (25) Syracuse

If you are not a fan of these particular teams here are the first games for our local teams:

Friday- Morehead St. at Kentucky Wildcats 6:30 tip-off
Friday- Youngstown St. at Xavier Musketeers 7:30 tip-off
Monday 11/16- Prairie View A&M vs. Cincinnati Bearcats 7:30 tip-off

Bengals Win Again!

My thoughts and observations from another Bengals victory:

* It is a shame that Chris Henry will miss the rest of this season. We all know the upside that Henry has for this team but how bad will it hurt the offense? Henry has played in 8 games this season and has only managed 12 receptions for 236 yards. His YPC is pretty nasty at 19.7 so he has been a big play receiver but as far as a regular part of this offense I don't think this will hurt us in the end. With Chad, Coles, and Caldwell all producing with the #1,2, and 3 it will really hurt us in a four receiver set, which we haven't really be running.

* I was very happy to see Cedric Benson get another big game yesterday racking up 117 on the ground. Only Jerome Bettis has managed to rack up two 100+ yard games on a Ray Lewis led Baltimore defense. That's a nice accomplishment for Ced. It is very clear how important he is to this team. Benson is averaging 102.9 yards per game and 4.2 per carry. Right where you want an NFL RB to be. When Benson gets going this offense gets going.

* Leon Hall and Jonathon Joseph are two of the best combo cornerbacks in the game right now. I am not saying that they are better than some of the elite corners in the NFL individually but I really think that when they are on the field together they are as good as any cornerback duo in the league. They continue to frustrate receivers and continue to come up with big plays when we need them.

* How about the defense? Mike Zimmer may not be here very long folks. You may want to add his name to all of the coaching carousel rumors. Zimmers defense was tougher than the Ravens yesterday, a Ravens team who has been the poster children for NFL defenses over the last 5-7 years. This team is flying around and dominating their opponents.

* How about Clark Harris at long snapper! Most of you have probably forgotten Brad St. Louis, and maybe even forgotten that Clark Harris is even on the team. That is a good thing!

* Even though he is rarely used Kevin Huber has been a very good addition to this team. When was the last time you can remember a Bengals punter being able to pin a team back on their 1/2 yard line in a pressure situation.

* Chad Ochocino is on his revival tour right now. Loving his media spotlight and recognizing that he is building "Ochocinco" as a big time brand. Chad has been producing on the field but needs to hold on to the ball. I heard arguments that he should have gone down yesterday. I don't agree with that, fight for the yards but hold on to the football. If you watch Chad run with the ball he pumps his arms as he runs with the ball exposed.

* Carson Palmer should start to get some MVP nods. He may not be the best player in the NFL right now, but he is without a doubt the most important player on this team.

* I love the fact that the Ravens were actually favored to win the game this week. I like playing the role of the underdog and I hope that they continue to have that mindset. If you start hanging too much in the clouds a good team will bring you back down to earth. (Or even a mediocre team: see Houston)

* A quick look at some NFL stat rankings and where the Bengals Individuals rank:
As of 11/09

Passing Yards- 15th Carson Palmer 1,832
Passing TD's- T-9th Carson Palmer 14
QB Rating- T-13th Carson Palmer 89.5

Rushing Yards- 2nd Cedric Benson 837
Rushing Attempts- 1st Cedric Benson 198 (33 more than next guy, that kind of worries me!)
Rushing TD's- T-7th Cedric Benson 6

Receptions- T-10 Chad Ochocinco 44
Recieving Yards- 7th Chad Ochocinco 639
Recieving TD's- T-10 Chad Ochocinco 5

Happy Birthday to our founder

I want to wish a Happy Birthday to our founder, Adam.

Enjoy the link from Adam's younger days...

Incorrect Bengals Stat

While watching the CBS telecast of the Bengals game Dick Enberg of CBS mentioned on a number of occasions that by improving to 6-2 that would be their best start to a season since their most recent Super Bowl season in 1988. I also read that statistic in Don Banks column on CNNSI. This is not true, the Bengals started the 2005 season 6-2 and actually improved to 7-2 before taking another loss.

Survival Football Results

Adam- Matt Ryan: 135 Yards- Eliminated

Redleg2420- Atlanta Falcons- won
Teams used: Green Bay, Cincinnati, Baltimore, Indianapolis, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, New England, Chicago, Atlanta

Matt- Drew Brees: 330 Yards
Players used: Matt Forte, Matt Shaub, Andre Johnson, DeAngelo Williams, Tony Romo, Kurt Warner, Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees

So its down to two! Who will win next week? Picks have to be in by Thursday so why don't we just use this thread for your picks.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Survival Football

Okay its down to the wire. Who will win the random mysterious treasure that will be pulled from the NKYSportsWorld Vault? Anyone could win this week, anyone could lose.

Players Used: Cedric Benson, Brett Favre, Steve Smith (NYG)Peyton Manning, Reggie Wayne, Aaron Rodgers, Hines Ward, Phillip Rivers, Wes Welker, Kurt Warner, Dallas Clark

Redleg 2420
Teams used: Green Bay, Cincinnati, Baltimore, Indianapolis, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, New England, Chicago

Players used: Matt Forte, Matt Shaub, Andre Johnson, DeAngelo Williams, Tony Romo, Kurt Warner, Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Can you split your allegiance?

I am going to make a confession. I am a Kentucky Wildcats fan, a strong Kentucky basketball fan and have been my entire life. Why did I become a Kentucky fan? Really just a product of my environment, I didn't go there it is not my alma mater. When I was a kid I grew up idolizing Kentucky. My uncles, who introduced my brother and I to sports, were huge Kentucky fans and that just rubbed off on me. With that being said I have always been a Kentucky Basketball fan, but not necessarily a Kentucky Football fan. Football at Kentucky was just different. Not the same allure as the basketball program.
So recently there has been a shift in my thinking and I wonder if is acceptable in the realm of sports. Recently I have become a fan of Cincinnati football. Why do you ask? Mainly because they have been winning. So yes, I am a bandwagon Cincinnati football fan. I typically cannot be called a bandwagon fan (I am also a Bengals and Reds fan) But with Brian Kelly and the recent success of the Bearcats program I have become very excited to watch them. I tried to fight the feelings at first, feeling as if I have betrayed the Big Blue Nation. But I am tired of fighting it. And I think it can work for me.
Why can't I be a Cincinnati Bearcats football fan and a Kentucky Wildcats basketball fan? Like I said before, I hold no special ties to either program. I will always be a Northern Kentucky Norseman first. What do you guys think? It took a lot for me to admit in a public setting that I have become a Bearcats football fan. I still HATE the basketball program with an extreme passion. And I don't think that my passion for Kentucky Basketball will ever match Cincinnati Football. I don't have that same die-hard mentality as I do for Kentucky. But I think I can pull it off, I think I can logically be a fan of both. So lets go Bearcats (football only!)

Empire Strikes Back

I hate the Yankees. I hate the Yankees for the same reason that everyone else hates the Yankees, they are perennial winners. They have 27 World Series championships, and the scary thing is they have more money than any other team and the resources to go out and buy another one. I have never really understood where my hatred comes from for the Bronx Bombers. I am a huge fan of Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig, two of my favorite players from the past. I love the city of New York, and as a history nerd you have to respect the fact that they have been able to be so good for so long. The only good thing about the Yankee's winning the title is the fact that Jerry Hairston Jr. was able to get a ring. Congrats Jerry.
New York Yankees Jerry Hairston Jr.reacts after scoring the winning run in the 13th inning against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim in game 2 of the ALCS at Yankee Stadium in New York

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

20 Things that make you a sports doofus

I enjoyed this article listed here on ESPN Page 2. Check it out.

I am in violation of a few of them.
1. Wearing a team jersey inscribed with your name: I do have a Cincinnati Reds Jersey with my name on the back. In my defense this was a gift from my company for participating in an event at the ballpark. I have not worn it to a game, probably won't.

14.Having an intense fantasy sports discussion while attending an actual game: I have discussed my baseball team while at a baseball game.

18. Proclaiming special mastery of stadium scoreboard games: I pretty much rule at the scoreboard stumper. If you put Redleg2420 and I together we will dominate!

Baseball's Small Market Teams

Paul Daugherty wrote a very interesting article this week for Check it out here. P-Doc makes the point that markets like Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Washington, Kansas City, etc. are only in the league for opponents like the Yankees, Red Sox, Angels, Dodgers have teams to play. The fact of the matter is the big payroll teams win games (Chicago excluded.) The Reds will never be a solid contender with a payroll around $70 million. Only the $100 million teams win. Sure, there have been exceptions like Tampa Bay and Florida who made it to the World Series. But those are the exception rather than the rule. The big payroll, big market teams will continue to win because that is how baseball wants it.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fui Vakapuna signed to the 53 man roster

Cincinnati Bengals 2009 Headshots
In somewhat of a surprise move the Cincinnati Bengals have signed FB Fui Vakapuna to their 53 man roster. After releasing Vakapuna on their final cut day this season he was picked up by the Arizona Cardinals for their practice squad. The Bengals opted to keep Jeremi Johnson on the team as the FB and sign Chris Pressley to their practice squad. Last week Pressley was picked up by Tampa Bay. I see this move as a desperation move by Cincinnati. I would definitely rather have Chris Pressley on the roster than Fui, but I hope that he is able to figure it out. Jeremi Johnson is probable for this week against Baltimore. If he doesn't go this could hurt the running game.

Calipari Wildcats opened their Season

Campbellsville v Kentucky
The John Calipari era of Kentucky Basketball opened last night at Rupp arena with an exhibition game against Campbellsville. Kentucky won the game 74-38, winning the game was never in doubt (although we did lose to Gardner Webb a couple of years ago) but there were some good things and bad things about the game. Here are some of my observations:

* Eric Bledsoe was dominating last night. He looked very impressive. Bledsoe got to the rim with ease and finished once he got there. He also had a very impressive block under the basket.

* One issue I can see from game one, shooting. They were decent from the field 28-56 for 50%, but struggled from the three point line shooting 3-14 for 21%. Darnell Dodson, who was billed as a sharp shooter, showed that he will throw the ball up when he gets a shot. Hopefully that will improve.

* Defense looked tremendous last night but we must keep in perspective that they were playing Campbellsvile. But I think the defense of this team will be very good.

* This team is extremely athletic but made a number of mental mistakes last night. Calipari played a lot of young players mixed in with some of the veterans and their inexperience showed at times. I think they will be the most athletic team on the floor from top to bottom no matter who they play but will they be able to put it all together?
Campbellsville v Kentucky

* There is so much depth at each position. John Wall did not play last night due to an NCAA infraction that will require him to sit two games this season. But with Wall and Bledsoe at the PG, and Cousins, Orton, Harrelson, and Stevenson in the post this team as depth from top to bottom.

What will we see?

The Bengals return from their Bye week to face off with division rival Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens are coming off of an emotional home victory against the previously undefeated Denver Broncos. The Bengals entered the Bye week with their best offensive performance of the season against the Bears. I still don't know where this team is. We all hope to see the offensive production that we saw against the Bears, but we all know we could see the production that we had against Denver, Cleveland, or Houston. The defense should be getting a little stronger. Safety Roy Williams has returned to the practice field and should hopefully be active for the game on Sunday. I think we need his hard hitting attitude in the secondary. There are still a lot of questions circling this team. And this is a huge game for the season if the Bengals want to make a true playoff push.