Friday, February 27, 2009

Bengals Sign Two

Chris Crocker signed a 4-year, $10 million deal with $3.5 million guaranteed. He's likely to take over Dexter Jackson's spot as a starter.

Fan favorite and Tommy's favorite Dede Dorsey re-signed.

Not the names I was looking for in the first day. I like how we're keeping some of our own but go out and get a big name. If you wait too long you may have to over-pay for a mediocre player at a skill position (i.e. Antwan Odom last year).

Black eye for former Red

There has been a lot of news lately regarding Jim Bowden and the Washington Nationals. Bowden and Jose Rijo are currently under investigation by the FBI. It all revolves around a Dominican player who claimed to be 16, was signed by the Nationals and given a 1.4 million dollar signing bonus. Turns out the player was 20 at the time, and apparently 1.4 million was more than double what any other team was offering. There were rumors at the time that the age was not true. And now the FBI is investigating that signing bonus and if there was anything taken off the top by Rijo, Bowden or any other Nationals employee. And its all coming to a head. Jose Rijo was relieved of his duties last night by the Nationals and good ole' leatherpants may be out of a job by Monday.

Read the Washington Post story here.

Huggins Returns

It couldn't have been better for UC fans last night. Huggs returns and gets a nice tribute and ovation, but UC comes away with a much needed victory. See the tribute and Huggs's reaction here.

Our Slumdog Millionaire

TJ Houshmanzadeh has hit the free agent market running and the New York Giants, San Francisco 49ers, Miami Dolphins, Philadelphia Eagles and Seattle Seahawks have all been named as potential teams where Housh could end up. I have said it all along, I think TJ flew under the radar as far as attitude went and hid behind Chad Johnson all of these years. Chad was the in your face kind of guy where TJ was that dude behind the scenes. I think that Housh is a fine NFL wide receiver but reports are he is requesting $10 million per year. In my opinion the Bengals need to spend more money on the infrastructure of their team and less on the skill positions. Simply look at the Super Bowl. That Cardinals team was the Bengals in 2005, those receiever and QB in Arizona took you far but not quite over the hump. Pittsburgh did it with a team full of "mediocre" players but a defense and offensive line that dominated. That's where the money needs to go.

High School Update

Most of the District finals are tonight or tomorrow night so far here are the teams who have qualified for the region tournament. The draw will be Sunday morning at 9:00, I will post the matchups and dates/times afterwards. For those who don't know the process the District winner will be paired with a different district runner up, you will be paired on opposite sides of the bracket with the other team from your district.

33rd: Ryle (17-9) vs. Boone County (23-4)

34th: St. Henry (14-11) vs. Dixie Heights (13-15)

35th: Holmes (28-2) vs. Beechwood (22-4)

36th: Highlands (20-7) vs. NCC (16-10)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Daring to Dream

This article is about Elliot County's run to the top of the hoops world in Kentucky. One of there players, Ethan Faulkner, will be playing in the Bank of Kentucky Center next year.

Click Here.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Things Noticed

Connor Barwin is quickly becoming one of my favorite all time players. He is also quickly showing a national audience and NFL scouts he can be a huge contributor on Sundays.

Barwin completed drills at the NFL Combine today with the LB and DL. He posted the second fastest 40 yard dash time (4.66, only behind Aaron Curry). He also posted the #1 performance in the broad jump, vertical jump, and 20m shuttle. Way to go Connor Barwin.

DBs finish up the Combine tomorrow

Thursday, February 19, 2009

No.... Could we see the return of The Squirrel?

Coach Ray in the Making?

Dave Wirth has been named as Covington Catholic's head football coach.

Wirth, who previously spent five seasons as the head coach at Hamilton Badin, returns to the school where he spent three seasons with the Colonels under Lynn Ray, the program's all-time winningest coach who led the Colonels to five state titles.

He takes over for Dave Brossart, who resigned in January after going 10-14 in two seasons.

Wirth, 33, went 27-25 at Badin, winning Greater Catholic League Central titles in 2006 and 2008. Last year he won 8 games, the most in Badin football's history.

He graduated from Moeller in 1993 and began coaching at his alma mater two years later. He spent six seasons with the Crusaders before coming to CovCath for the first time. He served as the Colonels' defensive coordinator in 2003.

Good luck coach.

Make Your Choice

Which of these two teams would you chose if the NCAA tournament started today?

Team A
Record: 16-9
Conference Record: 8-3
RPI: 37
Strength of Schedule: 37
Record vs RPI Top 100: 5-8

Team B
Record: 18-8
Conference Record: 7-4
RPI: 65
Strength of Schedule: 88
Record vs RPI Top 100: 6-7

Monday, February 16, 2009

Should Owners be able to hold players back from the WBC?

The Reds new catch Ramon Hernandez is about to venture off to play for his home country, Venezuela, for the World Baseball Classic.

Because of his departure Dusty Baker is trying to give him a crash course in learning the pitchers. The newly acquired Hernandez is leaving camp to begin March 2 practice with the Venezuelan team for the World Baseball Classic.

Baker is trying to get Hernandez to catch every pitcher in camp at least once during their sessions before he leaves, “Give Ramon a condensed synopsis of our pitching. He is leaving so soon I was concerned. But he said he went through the same thing in Baltimore and came out OK. He is one of the best catchers out of his country and everybody is short of catching.”

This brings me to my question, shouldn't a Owner or GM be able to hold a player back from playing in the WBC? A relationship between the pitcher and catcher in the majors is very important to the teams success. It takes awhile for a catcher to learn everything about each individual pitcher. Isn't practicing and planning for the upcoming season more important than representing your country for one-season? Can't Hernandez decline this year since he needs to become accustomed to his new team and play next year?

Big Red Tagged

The Bengals' first major move of the offseason Monday all but guaranteed kicker Shayne Graham's services for the 2009 season and wide receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh's entry into free agency.

The club announced in a news release that Graham has been named the team's franchise player, under terms of the NFL's Collective Bargaining Agreement:

The franchise tag gives Graham the option to sign with the Bengals for 2009 for a salary equal to the average of the five highest-paid kickers in the NFL for the previous season (2008 in this case).

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Queen City High Spotlights Villa Madonna's Blake Bryan

Click Here

College Hoops Most Valuable Player: My Top 5

In no particular order:

Blake Griffin
Has led the Sooners to the #2 ranking in the country by putting up 22 points and 14 boards a night. Coming off a night where he put up 40 points and 23 boards. Only knock I have on Griffin is he shoots 58% from the stripe.

Jodie Meeks
Is having a monster year by putting up 26 points and 4 boards a game while shooting close to 45% from behind the arc. These numbers are ridiculous because he's coming off two seasons where he averaged 8 points a game. Where would UK be without Meeks?

Hasheem Thabeet
Yes, I don't really like the guy because I think he's arrogant but his numbers don't lie: 14 points, 11 boards and 5 blocks per game. His presence inside alone is enough to intimidate opponents.

Tyler Hansbrough

I'm not a big Tarheels fan but I have mad respect for Hansbrough. He has broken all kinds of records at UNC and is currently putting up 22 points and 8 boards per game.

Stephen Curry
Curry is having another phenomenal year putting up 29 points, 6 assists, 4 rebounds, and 3 steals per game. One thing that people overlook while looking at Curry is his ability to dish the ball off to his teammates, he's a great passer and leader on the court.

My early favorite

Sorry Jodie Meeks but it has to go to Blake Griffin. Without Griffin the Soooners would be nowhere near the second best team in the country and frankly if you've watched the kid this year he's unstoppable. Plus, just like in other sport I feel if two or three guys have comparable numbers it should go to the best player on one of the best teams.

Who are in your top 5 and who's your early favorite?

Friday, February 13, 2009

Who doesn't love Sean Casey

Watch this video of Casey and another favorite, Big Papi

Wisdom of C. Trent Rosecrans

From his blog on

"I have this theory I tell people about my two great loves in sports -- baseball and college football: Baseball is like your wife, you love her more than anything and appreciate her being there every day, even though you don't quite realize how much you like having her there every day until she's away. College football (or NFL for you people who are that type) is like a mistress -- she's exciting in part because she's not there every day. It's a once-a-week thing and it's visceral. In the end, the true love is with the wife. "

I really enjoyed that analogy on baseball and football and thought it would pass it on.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dunn's done

The Washington Nationals have just signed Adam Dunn to a 2-year, 20 mil. contract to apparently play first base. Boden might as well just change the team name to the Washington Reds Classics.

Things Noticed in MLB

* Though the MLB free agency period has seemed to screech to a halt over the past month with as many as 100 FA's still available, one familiar face has a new job

Who would have guessed it but Jim Bowden has struck again at his attempt to resureect the 2004 Cincinnati Reds with the signing of Adam Dunn. The amazing part: Dunn signed a 2 year, 20 million dollar deal today. 20 million! Wow.

* Bobby Abreu finalized a one year deal with the Angels today for 5 million dollars. This disappoints me. I would have loved to have had Bobby Abreau. In addition, I think with that price tag or even an offer of 6 million we could have had him. I know the Reds said they were done spending but just think about it. Over the last few weeks, close to 3 million dollars have been placed toward Jhonny Gomes, Jacque Jones, and Daryl Ward. Instead, we could have spent that money and just a little more on a HUGE FA acquisition and key roster spot. You watch, with a 1 year deal, Abreu is going to put up big numbers this year and we could have talked about him in a Reds uniform leading us to the playoffs for a cheap price

Who should the Bengals target in Free Agency? A look at the Linebackers

Here are some key names that pop out to me that I WISH the Bengals would target from the linebacker position. This is assuming these players don't re-sign with their respective teams prior to the start of free agency:


Terrell Suggs, UFA, Baltimore Ravens
Being a linebacker that also works at defensive end has helped Suggs become an end that can track the ball above average. In his first six NFL seasons, Suggs has made 368 total tackles and earned 53 sacks. Suggs may not be as rewarded as Peppers or Haynesworth will be in free agency, but he will certainly be pursued by a number of teams who want to save a little money and still come away with a quality defensive end. Baltimore is constantly pumping out quality defensive players, so they may not be willing to match a big offer if one comes along, but they will miss Suggs if they lose him.

Karlos Dansby, UFA, Arizona Cardinals
Dansby is becoming a consistent linebacker in the NFL. In his last four full seasons, he has tackle totals of 89, 82, 99, and 119 this season. He has also tallied at least three sacks in each of his five seasons as a pro. His three interceptions last season tied a career high and he added two more this season. In ’08, he was an important part of a defense that helped the Cardinals advance in the playoffs. He isn’t in the same class as some of the linebackers on this list, but he may eventually be pretty close. Dansby will appeal to several teams because of his age, size, and potential.

Mike Peterson, UFA, Jacksonville Jaguars
Peterson had played in just 15 games over the course of the last two seasons, but he played in all but one game this season. When healthy, he is one of the better middle linebackers around. He has six seasons in triple-digit tackles and the four seasons he failed to reach that mark were seasons in which he was unable to play in all sixteen games. In ’05, his most recent full season, he had six sacks and three interceptions. His health concerns will scare some teams away, but Peterson may still have some quality seasons left in him. He had a single sack this season, along with 84 tackles, and is on the downturn of his career.

Jonathan Vilma, UFA, New Orleans Saints
Vilma returned from a serious injury and made a good impression with the Saints in New Orleans. He tallied 132 tackles, had an interception, a sack, and forced two fumbles. Prior to his shortened ’07 season, Vilma had registered 108 tackles or more in three straight seasons, including 173 in ’05; he also now has seven interceptions in his five seasons of work. Vilma is quick to the ball and consistently makes the right play. At 26 years of age, he will be a point of interest for several teams when he hits the market.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Your official NKU Norse update

You can't get this update anywhere else.

The Norse had high hopes for this season, and they have lived up to expectations. A couple of players have not produced as hoped. Dennis Gagai and Tanner Jacobs have not played as well as expected. Gagai has struggled all year with his shot while Tanner Jacobs just looks overmatched in the post. But there are a few players that have stood out.

The Norse spread out their scoring. They have 4 players averaging at least 10 PPG. Dustin Maguire (who scored nearly 40 points against Louisville) is averaging 15.8 PPG and has made 55 3 pointers. Leslie Malone averages 11.9 PPG, DeAaron Williams 11.7 PPG, A'Daeron Duncan 10.3 PPG. But its not the offense that carries this team.

The defense is ranked #1 in the GLVC in scoring defense, allowing just 62.9 PPG and hold opponents to a .426 FG %. Leslie Malone has led the way. He makes his prescence felt on the inside. He is #1 in total blocks and blocks per game in the GLVC averaging nearly 3 blocks per game. He also leads the conference in RPG with 7.4 while also hitting 51% of his shots. Not only do they play good defense, but they take care of the ball. The two PG's Billy Finnell and Scott Bibbins have combined for 124 assists and just 44 turnovers.

Overall the Norse are 18-4, 11-2 in the GLVC. They are #1 in the conference and #6 in the national DII coach's poll. The season is coming to a close but they have two big games coming up. They play archrival KY Wesleyan on Valentine's Day and nationally ranked (#18) Bellarmine on 2-26-09. If you want to relive the glory days, the Bellarmine game will be played in Regents Hall.

Local Basketball Awards

In conjunction with the recent Emmy and Grammy awards, on Sunday night the Sports Authority did their own Sports Emmy Awards. I thought it would be interesting to see who you guys would pick. Richard Skinner and Steve Wolf were asked various questions involving the local schools. Answers could have come from players, teams, and coaches including Xavier, Kentucky, Dayton, Miami, Ohio State, and Cincinnati.

The categories were as follows: In addition, I have placed the answers for Steve Wolf next to the award. Isnt he a Xavier beat writer or announcer? See if you sense any bias.

Best Actor (MVP player): Wolf picks Derrick Brown
Best Supporting Actor (Best complimentary player): Wolf picks BJ Raymond
Best Newcomer (Frosh or transfer): Wolf picks Terrell Holloway
Best Producer (Coach): Wolf picks Sean Miller
Best Picture (Team): Wolf picks Xavier
Most Memorable Moment/Performance: Wolf picks Dante Jackson half court shot

I think these were all the categories. Make your own categories if you would like or write in your votes for each award.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Over-reacting over Steroids……..

While watching the A-Rod story for the 10th time today on ESPN (kidding) I noticed they kept flashing his statistics from 2001 to 2003 and how he was near the top in every statistical category during his years on roids. Funny thing is his numbers since being off roids haven’t been drastically different, plus he’s won two MVP’s since then.

From 2001 to 2003 he averaged the following numbers: .305 AVG, 52 HR’s, 131 RBI’s while averaging 162 games a season.

From 2004 to 2008 he averaged the following numbers: .303 AVG, 42 HR’s, 123 RBI’s while averaging 153 games a season.

Yes he denied using steroids in the past, but who hasn’t done that (see Mark McGwire, Barry Bonds, Rafael Palmeiro, etc.) At least he’s still not lying about it and fessing up to it once accused unlike others who haven’t done such a thing. Steroids aren’t a new issue in baseball so why does the media over-react over this? It’s not like he’s the first player to do such a thing, aren’t their 104 players on the report he was listed in?

It’s sad how some of the greatest players of all-time are being linked to using roids but should this keep A-Rod and guys like Roger Clemens out of the hall of fame? Wouldn’t both of these players and others still been first ballot hall of famers even without using roids for that short span?

The truth is I think the people casting the votes for the hall will take roids into account as they would be setting a bad example by not doing so. There reasoning may be Pete Rose had to pay for gambling so why shouldn’t these guys pay for cheating the game?

NFL Mock Draft

I have been reading through some of the different Mock Drafts out online and have compiled some of the names that these "experts" are predicting the Bengals will draft. I found a lot of different names on a lot of different sites. Here are some of the names that have been thrown around. Where would you like to see the Bengals go? This list shows a lot of different positions.

Michael Oher- OT, Mississippi (NFL Draft Site)
Jeremy Maclin- WR, Missouri (The New NFL Draft)
Aaron Curry- LB, Wake Forest (NFL Draft Dog)
Chris "Beanie" Wells- RB, Ohio State (Football Future)
Andre Smith- OT, Alabama (Walter Football)
Jason Smith- OT, Baylor (CBS SportsLine)
Brian Orakpo- DE, Texas (NFL Mocks)

Saturday, February 7, 2009


This just in: Apparently Alex Rodriguez was using STEROIDS! SHOCKER.

Also, did you guys know that apparently Roger Clemens used steroids too? And Michael Vick somehow got in trouble for dog fighting? Crazy. Gotta Love ESPN.

Reds Moves

Not sure that it entails too much of a discussion but nobody has mentioned the recent acquisitions of the Cincinnati Reds. The Reds signed OF Jacque Jones and OF/1B/PH Daryle Ward to minor league contracts earlier this week. Maybe these signing wont amount to much, but I like that the Reds are still continuing to exert some effort to make their team better. They had stated that they were done with free agency and were taking their current team into spring training but have recently signed several new players over the past two weeks. Not sure if that shows they think their is still work to do or if they are just hoping to strick it rich at a cheap price. We shall see if these moves pay off. I hope they do, however, I'm not getting my hopes up. They still need a power OF and possibly another pitcher or two. I would have liked to have seen the 3 million or so given to the recent minor league contracts put toward a more "sure-thing" option in one of these spots.

Interesting side note: In the minor league deal for Jacque Jones, it states that if he is not on the major league roster at the start of the season he will be granted his release if he so chooses.

Stat of the Day

Over the last 20 years, the winner of the NCAA basketball national championship had a scoring distribution of 57% from the frontcourt players, 43% from the backcourt.

Interesting Note: This year's North Carolina Tar Heels get 58% of their scoring from the frontcourt and 42% from the backcourt. Just something to consider.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Make Your Choice

Which of these two teams would you chose if the NCAA tournament started today?

Team A
Record: 20-1
Conference Record: 9-0
RPI: 38
Strength of Schedule: 200

Team B
Record: 15-4
Conference Record: 7-0
RPI: 37
Strength of Schedule: 70

This Week in College Hoops

Congrats to Pat Summit after winning her 1,000th career basketball game tonight. Summit has been coaching at Tennessee since she was 22, and at the age of 56 she has many more wins in her future. Considering the fact that 400 of her 1,000 wins have come against ranked teams is unbelievable.

On there way up: UC has won their past two games against Georgetown and Notre Dame. These are both good wins but are now taken with a grain of salt since both the Hoyas and Irish have struggled through their Big East schedules. The Cats have some games remaining on their schedule that are definitely winnable and could be at 20-11 or better come Big East tournament time.

On there way down:
UK has has lost three straight sending their record to 15-7 and a 5th place record in a down year for the SEC. The Wildcats were in the top 25 in one poll this past week and now are a bubble team all a sudden. If they can't find another scoring option outside of Meeks and Patterson they will be sitting pretty in the NIT come March.

Xavier won its 20th game of the season Thursday night and have remained undefeated in the A-10 for what it's worth. Two things stand out to me for Xavier that you don't see in many teams and that is depth and three good 3-point shooters (see below):

Derrick Brown 14.0, 27 of 57 (47%)
B.J. Raymond 13.2, 51 of 118 (43%)
C.J. Anderson 11.0
Jason Love 7.0
Terrell Holloway 6.5, 10 of 25 (40%)
Dante Jackson 6.4
Kenny Frease 6.4
Brad Redford 4.9, 32 of 72 (44%)
Jamel McLean 4.2

NKY Boys Basketball Standings

Records W L Pct.
Holmes 20-1 0.952
Beechwood 14-3 0.823
Bishop Brossart 16-4 0.800
Boone County 14-4 0.778
Highlands 16-5 0.762
Scott 15-6 0.714
Campbell County 13-7 0.650
Grant County 14-8 0.636
Ryle 12-7 0.632
Calvary Christian 11-7 0.611
Holy Cross 11-7 0.611
NewCath 12-8 0.600
Conner 12-8 0.600
Gallatin County 10-8 0.556
Dayton 9-8 0.529
St. Henry 10-9 0.526
Newport 11-10 0.524
Walton-Verona 10-11 0.476
Dixie Heights 9-11 0.450
Lloyd 8-11 0.421
Simon Kenton 7-11 0.389
Villa Madonna 6-14 0.300
CovCath 5-15 0.250
Bellevue 4-13 0.235
Ludlow 4-14 0.222
Heritage 2-7 0.222
Silver Grove 1-17 0.056
Cooper 1-18 0.053

Kentucky Mt. Rushmore of Sports

ESPN is doing this series called the Mt. Rushmore of sports, I have been hearing a lot about it on talk radio as this makes for a good debate topic. I have listed below who ESPN had selected to appear for Kentucky. I don't agree with all of the choices, here is my list for the Kentucky Mt. Rushmore of Sports.

Muhammed Ali- This is a given, he was the most in your face boxer of all time, had a global impact on the sport and continues to be a iconic figure in sports.

Adolph Rupp- Put Kentucky basketball on the map. One of the greatest College Basketball coaches of all time.

Johnny Unitas- Played his college football at the University of Louisville. One of the best QB's in the history of the NFL.

Pee Wee Reese- Born in Kentucky, Reese is a memeber of the Baseball Hall of Fame, star of the Brooklyn Dodgers in the 1950's.

ESPN's Choices

Muhammad Ali (Louisville) - The three-time World Heavyweight Champion was an Olympic gold medalist and SI's "Sportsman of the Century."

Rick Pitino (Kentucky Wildcats, Louisville Cardinals) - He took Kentucky to Back-to-back title games and won a National Championship in 1996.

Adolph Rupp (Kentucky Wildcats) - Rupp finished his career with 876 wins (3rd most all-time) and led the Wildcats to four NCAA titles and one NIT title.

Secretariat (Buried in Paris) - The 1972 and '73 Horse of the Year was ranked 35th among the greatest athletes of 20th century by ESPN.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Story of Ex-UC coach Andy Kennedy's Drunken Night in Cincinnati

He calls this an International altercation and a national incident. Do you think he said something racist to the cab driver to make this an international altercation.......

Take a note Insight and Direct TV from Comcast

Porn interrupts Super Bowl TV coverage

Since Janet Jackson's bejewelled right nipple popped out during the half-time show at the 2004 Super Bowl, the term "wardrobe malfunction" has become part of the rich history of American football's showpiece event.

Yesterday, as this year's clash between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Arizona Cardinals neared a thrilling climax, TV viewers in Tuscon, Arizona, witnessed an intimate exposure of a completely different order.

Shortly after 7.30pm, with less than three minutes to play in a tightly fought final, the Cardinals had taken the lead with a crucial touchdown. Fans watching in Arizona would have been forgiven for scenting a victory for their team against the odds. Then the pictures from Tampa disappeared.

Instead, viewers in the Tuscon area were astonished to see a woman unzipping a man's trousers to reveal "full male nudity" followed by what was described as "a graphic act" between the couple. Somehow, the feed from Super Bowl XLIII had been mixed up with a 30-second excerpt from Club Jenna, an adult cable TV channel featuring Jenna Jameson, one of America's most famous porn actresses.

"I just figured it was another commercial until I looked up," Cora King, of Marana, told the Arizona Daily Star newspaper. "Then he did his little dance with everything hanging out."