Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Anderson wants to make a Comeback!

My favorite Cincinnati Bengal of all-time wants to make a comeback to the NFL. In this article here by senior football writer Len Pasquarelli, Anderson expressed an interest in joining a team to serve as a backup lineman but most importantly a mentor to young lineman. Anderson was a mainstay for the Bengals and one of the few positive things they had in a time where they were mired in mediocrity. With an offensive line who is young, I really think Anderson could make an impact in the locker room. But would he return? Since his retirement it always seems like he kind of has a sour taste for Cincinnati. I only say that because he seems to mention his time with the Ravens more, which in his defense they won more games. Personally I would love to see him return to Cincinnati either as a player or a coach.

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