Wednesday, June 2, 2010

"Perfect" Game ...

... with the exception of one call at first base. Jim Joyce, 22 year veteran ump, blew what appeared to be a routine call costing Armando Galarraga a perfect game. It would have been the last out of the game, which needed just one more play to official end. Not only would this have been a perfect game, it would have been the third of the season, the third in a span of a month, the second shortest perfect game by one minute, and a perfect game with the fewest pitches in over 100 years. Joyce even acknowledges blowing the call after the game saying:
"I just cost that kid a perfect game. "I thought he beat the throw. I was convinced he beat the throw, until I saw the replay."

Here a some questions still left unanswered:

What repercussions, if any, should come from this?
What changes have caused perfect games to be happening so frequently?
Will this finally bring instant replay to baseball?


Adam said...

This story just blows my mind. I don't know how me makes that call. I know its a bang bang play but how do you make that call? This should absolutely be an argument to bring replay to this aspect of the game. Real fans of the game want the call to be right and will not worry about the delay. This is just a shame.

redleg2420 said...

What repercussions, if any, should come from this?
None. The umpires are out there making the best calls that they can. They are human and make mistakes. It looks completely obvious on the slowed down replay, but he didn't have the choice to look at the replay.

I hope this does bring replay into baseball. That should be a reviewable play. So what, you are forced to sit in the stands for another 3 minutes waiting on the call. There are worse places to be stuck!

I feel bad for Galarraga, but he was very understanding after the game and you could tell he respected the ump because he came and apologized. He will be able to tell everyone that he pitched a perfect game.

I feel terrible for the umpire! You could tell he just felt horrible after the game and after he saw the replay. I think he will feel some guilt for a long time after this. If Jim Joyce is ever behind the plate while Galarraga is pitching, I think he might get a few calls that go his way.