Wednesday, October 6, 2010

NLDS Game 1 Lineups

The lineups are out, thanks to Lance McCallister's Twitter page!

Cincinnati Reds

2B-Brandon Phillips
SS-Orlando Cabrera
1B-Joey Votto
3B-Scott Rolen
LF-Jonny Gomes
RF-Jay Bruce
CF-Drew Stubbs
C-Ramon Hernandez
P-Edinson Volquez

Philadelphia Phillies

SS-Jimmy Rollins
CF-Shane Victorino
2B-Chase Utley
1B-Ryan Howard
RF-Jayson Werth
LF-Raul Ibanez
C-Carlos Ruiz
3B-Wilson Valdez
P-Roy Halladay

1 comment:

Wojo said...

That was a rough night. But to be honest, we knew Doc was going to be tough and in the end it only goes down as one L on the record. I'm not too bothered by losing game one, but I think coming out of Philly 1-1 vs. 0-2 is a huge difference.

Prediction: We beat Oswalt and come out 1-1. We've been all over him this year; something I can't explain, but I'll take it.