Monday, January 3, 2011

Is Marvin Lewis out in Cincinnati?

We should know something today as Marvin is scheduled to meet with Mike Brown today. I would imagine if Marvin is gone we would know shortly after the meeting. If there is no news I would consider that as a sign they may try to work out a deal. Watching Coach Lewis throughout this season he looks unhappy and ready for a change. But I don't know him, don't know Mr. Brown, and really don't know what will happen. We will have to wait and see.

Adam Schefter tweeted this morning that the San Francisco 49ers are showing possible interest in Marvin, and in my opinion that might not be a bad option for him. There is some young talent out there but more importantly you are in an awful division. The opportunity for the playoffs are right at your fingertips seemingly every year. A far stretch from the AFC North.

As I type this Colin Cowherd has come on the radio stating that Eric Mangini is out in Cleveland. And there are more NFL coaches who are on the chopping block. John Fox is already out in Carolina, Tom Cable is on the hot seat, Tony Sparano could be gone in Miami, and there is talk of Jeff Fisher leaving Tennessee.

IF Marvin is no re-signed as the head coach who would you most like to see on the sidelines for the Bengals? There are way too many names to list a group of possible candidates. The two hottest names right now are Gruden and Cowher. I don't think either of them would EVER come to Cincinnati. Why would they? These guys want somewhere they can control and you will never have full control of the Cincinnati Bengals. Mr. Brown gave Marvin more control than any coach he has had before but he still maintained the ultimate decision making as we saw play out with Chris Henry.

My #1 choice by far would be Jeff Fisher, but, he is currently unavailable and again would probably have options and there are more attractive situations out there that he could take. A lot of people will be talking about Mike Zimmer, Zim has certainly had some strong defensive squads and has earned the oppotunity but he is unproven which can be both good and bad.

Either way I think we are in store for some crazy offseason moves from the Bengals. The team that runs out of the tunnel next season will more than likely be very different from the this years team, and hopefully we will have different results!


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