Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Marvin Lewis could be staying in Cincinnati

ESPN is reporting that Marvin Lewis is expected to stay in Cincinnati has the head coach of the Cincinnati Bengals. As I said yesterday if we didn't hear that Lewis was leaving yesterday it would lead me to believe that a deal was going to be worked out to stay. First, let me say that I am happy to continue to have Marvin Lewis. Consider those who came before Lewis.

1 Paul Brown 1968–1975 55-56-1 .495
2 Bill Johnson 1976–1978 18-15-0 .545
3 Homer Rice 1978–1979 8-19-0 .296
4 Forrest Gregg 1980–1983 32-25-0 .561
5 Sam Wyche 1984–1991 61-66-0 .480
6 Dave Shula 1992–1996 19-52-0 .268
7 Bruce Coslet 1996–2000 21-39-0 .350
8 Dick LeBeau 2000–2002 12-33-0 .267
9 Marvin Lewis 2003–Present 60-67-1 .472

So consider the three coaches that we have had before Marvin Lewis and they have a combined record of 52-124. I think NFL teams need consistency and Marvin has proven to be a capable NFL coach who is highly regarded throughout the league.

But it is still not concrete. Reports indicate the two sides are trying to hammer out some significant changes to the organization which would include more control for Marvin on personnel issues. If Mr. Brown does this, we could finally begin to see real and significant change within this organization.

If Marvin does in fact stay someone will have to fall on the sword so to speak for this 4-12 season. Hopefully that man would be Bob Bratkowski. Brat was a head coaching candidate about 5 years ago but the offense has sputtered in the past few years. Bratkowski pre-dates Marvin in this organization and is known to be one of Mike Brown's guys.

So we are still in a waiting pattern but I would say it is looking more likely that Marvin will continue to be the head coach of the Cincinnati Bengals.

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