Saturday, May 29, 2010

Reds Rumors Straight From Bob Castellini

I attended the annual Reds suite holder/season ticket holder lunch on Friday and found out some interesting insider news that I am about to share with all of you.

In attendance were Bob Castellini, Walt Jocketty, Jay Bruce, Chris Dickerson, Mike Lincoln, Carlos Fisher and Marty.

Castellini was asked if the Reds would host an all-star game in Cincinnati in the near future? The owner was hesitant to answer at first and asked if their were any press in attendance. He then said that he has received a guarantee that the Reds will host the all-star game from Bud Selig himself sometime after 2012 and before 2014... meaning the Reds will host the game in 2013. He then said if you tell anyone it didn't come from him...

Jocketty said that Volquez looked great and will automatically be placed in the starting rotation when he comes back in July. Question: who is dumped out of the starting five? I think Arroyo, Cueto and Leake are safe but he likely will fill Homer's spot and they may send Homer to the bullpen. Also, what happens if Lecure pitches well in his next start as well? Does Homer go to the bullpen now?

Jocketty said that the team has no interest in going after Roy Oswalt, mainly because of funds, but also because he didn't want to mess with team chemistry and he likes the arms the Reds have in the majors and minors (i.e. Chapman, Lecure, Maloney, Lehr).

Jocketty also said that Mario Soto clocked Chapman at 103 mph in his last start. 103! You should've seen Lincoln and Fisher's faces, priceless.

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