Thursday, November 18, 2010

Brian St.Pierre?? Really??

The Carolina Panthers have signed and announced that Brian St. Pierre will be their starting QB for Sunday's game against the Baltimore Ravens over 3rd string QB Tony Pike. St. Pierre, who is 2 of 5 for 12 yards in his NFL career, was a stay at home dad only last week. After much digging, I have found the secret, actual Panthers QB depth chart.

1. Matt Moore
2. Jimmy Clausin
3. Brian St. Pierre
4. Jared Lorenzen
5. Paul Blake (Necessary Roughness)
6. Akili Smith
7. Matt Leinart
8. Junior Floyd (Little Giants)
9. Ryan Leaf
10. Jordan Palmer
11. Dave Klinger
12. Bobby Hoying
13. JaMarcus Russell
14. Craig Krenzel
15. Andy Reid
16. Tony Pike

UPDATE: After seeing this video , the Panthers have just added Andy Reid to the number 15 spot.


SHU said...

What about Radio...he would probably be ahead of Pike...

redleg2420 said...

Yay, a Little Giants reference!