Thursday, May 20, 2010

Calipari does it again!

If you have been following Kentucky basketball in the offseason you know that Calipari has been hot on the recruiting trail once again. But what you might not know is that John Calipari has assembled another recruiting class that can be considered one of the most talented groups...ever! Last night Kentucky received their signed financial aid papers from Terrence Jones. Three weeks ago Jones, a McDonalds All-American, had committed to Washington but voiced his doubt shortly after making his decision public. Last night Jones officially changed his decision and sent his paperwork to Kentucky. The financial aid papers are not a binding deal, Jones can still back out, but he indicated that he is now 95% sure he will be attending Kentucky.

What does this mean for the Kentucky recruiting class? This takes them from amazing to epic.

What can Kentucky expect next year?
Kentucky now has four Five Star ranked recruits:
Terrence Jones- PF
Brandon Knight- PG
Enes Kanter- PF
Doron Lamb- SG

And add to that two Four Star ranked recruits:
Stacey Poole- SF
Eloy Vargas- C (transfer from Miami Dade CC, previously played at Florida)

I don't know how John Calipari does it (and maybe I don't want to know) But I do know that Kentucky will have the talent next year to be even better than their Elite Eight team this season.


Matt said...

Sorry Adam but I wouldn't get too excited... Until a team wins with all Freshman or one and done players then i wouldn't hold your breath. Last year they had at least 3 of the top 5 Frosh in America to go along with their returning All American and they still couldnt hit the final four..

Either way, as a UC fan I would still take that situation in a heart beat..but for UK fans, top recruits and elite 8's year after year arent going to do the trick eventually...Still far better than whats going on in Clifton these days though

Adam said...

I can't help but get excited about the amount of talent coming in. This Kentucky team went from NIT to Elite Eight and only three losses in the entire season. I am not saying this is bringing banners. But I will take a three loss season any day.