Friday, May 14, 2010

Is Lebron recruiting Coach Cal?

Now that Lebron and the Cavs have been knocked out of the playoffs we can really start talking about Lebron's next move. Chris Broussard from ESPN was on Mike and Mike a few times this week. Chris believes that Lebron is seriously considering leaving Cleveland. The number one destination in his mind...the Chicago Bulls. The Chicago Bulls have Derrick Rose at PG, who played under Coach Cal at Memphis. Rose and Cal are still close. Coach Cal has been following Lebron throughout the NBA playoffs and twice now has been near the Cleveland sidelines as a guest of Lebron's. Chicago has no coach right now. Could Coach Cal be heading to Chicago?

It's no secret that Cal would like another shot in the NBA. Rumors were circulating earlier this year that the New Jersey Nets were interested in bringing him back for another shot. I don't know that he did enough to squash those rumors. He said that he has to listen and has always been intrigued by the NBA. Even if Chicago is not the place for a Lebron/Calipari package, there are a lot of possibilities. The Knicks have no reason to keep D'antoni and have NO roster right now. Coach Cal would have some say in who is brought in. They have enough for two max guys like Wade and Lebron or Lebron and Bosh. We all know Coach likes to start from scratch! And, it's New York, the biggest market in the league.

There are a few other possibilites. Mike Brown is as good as gone in Cleveland. The Cavs ownership is desperate to keep Lebron. If he wants Coach Cal in Cleveland, he could probably get him. Also, the LA Clippers could use a coaching change and the NJ Nets have a brand new owner who is hungry to win now.

Where there is smoke there is usually fire. The history of infractions following Cal is a scary thought and Cal likes to get out while the gettin's good. If he leaves, that leaves UK in possibly a very bad situation. The cupboard is bare if the new recruits decide that they don't want to play under a new coach at UK.


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