Friday, August 6, 2010

Bengals vs. Cowboys: What to watch for

Its hard to really say what to watch for this weekend during the Hall of Fame game. This game is so early into the training camp process I really doubt that you will see the Bengals use their #1's either very long or even at all. If we are lucky we may see a drive with the first teamers and then a game will backups and borderlines. Either way I am still excited to see the men in stripes on the field once again.

I am interested to see if they use Jermaine Gresham at all. He has only had a few practices under his belt and according to Bratkowski still has a lot to learn. But Gresham is a huge body and a big target.

Also, I have heard a lot of positive things about Jerome Simpson and his development. Bengals pundits are saying he has made huge strides, maybe he is starting to figure out the playbook, after two years we should hope so.

Can Adam Jones help in the secondary? Do you guys remember we signed Adam "Pac Man" Jones in the offseason? Well we did, and after some 20 months since playing football he will be back on a live field.