Wednesday, August 25, 2010

NFL Fantasy Draft Guide

I have been an avid Fantasy Sports player for many years. And tonight is yet another live draft. I think my favorite part of Fantasy sports, other than total domination of my friends, is the draft. Fantasy drafts are really one of societies accepted total nerd activities. Think about it. There are 10-12 guys in a room, most probably wearing some football shirt or jersey. The guys have books, magazines, lists, and spreadsheets and are mulling over picking their "fantasy" players who are going to gel together. It's a total nerd event but I love it!

With that being said I have always wanted to do a full fledged fantasy analysis on my blog, but since all of the guys that are in my league are in my fantasy leagues it makes it difficult to post my strategies. But this year I am opening up for the masses (and most importantly my competition) and giving you this NFL Fantasy Football Draft Guide.

So here are some simple rules to follow if you are a first timer (or a player in my league)

Don't listen to those "experts" on TV and in magazines. They will tell you that you shouldn't take a kicker with your first few picks. Well guess what, they tell you that because they want you to lose so they can win! I am on to this conspiracy. Take a kicker early and be sure to have a backup kicker on your bench.

Another tip, Running Backs are overrated. Do you get excited about four yards per carry? Most receptions are around 10 yards. That's six extra yards that you are leaving on the table. Don't let them fool you.

If you have ever followed sports you know the old adage "Offense wins games, but defense wins championships." Do you just want to win some games, no! You want to win it all, and to do so you have to have a solid defense. So while the rest of the world is following their numerous publications and going RB, RB, QB. You can be racking up a crazy strong defense. Think about it!

Peyton Manning has been one of the most successful QB's in the league, and he has done so by using a Tight End. Don't get caught in the trap of undervaluing a tight end on your team. Again, while everyone else is stockpiling RBs, QBs, and WRs you could be grabbing top notch TE's.

Just some things to think about as we enter this fantasy draft season. Again, I hope that all of the my friends and associates who play fantasy football with me will read my guide and finally take heed to my suggestions. If you all follow my strategy it will surely bring home a championship!

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Wojo said...

Brilliant insights! I wish I had known those tips last year before I got Rick Rolled. To piggyback your draft analysis, here are some sleepers I'm feeling really good about:

1) Javon Walker: just picked up by the Vikings now that Harvin and Rice are either hurting or down for the count.
2) Matt Leinhart: He's got the Fitz. Need I say more?
3) Larry Johnson: The wheels are coming off the Portis truck and LJ's waiting to pounce.
4) Shawn Nelson: Everyone is really high on him despite the fact that he's in Buffalo, has no QB, and is suspended for the first 4 games.
5) Early Doucet: With everyone covering the Fitz, guess who'll be wide open?
6) Dennis Dixon: No Ben = golden opportunity for the next Kordell Stewart.
7) Shane "Big Red" Graham: he'll make all of his FGs as long as the game isn't on the line or his team really needs him. Too bad you can't get points for short kickoffs.
8) Jerome Bettis: rumors are that he might be making a comeback (note: has been known to get drafted in 1st round since turning 30).
9) Browns Def: it might not be too much of a stretch to take them in the 3rd or 2nd round.
10) J.T. O'Sullivan: Now that Carson Palmer has a plethora of receiving options, he's bound to get hurt. Then they'll be O'Sullivan's options.

I hope any readers don't draft ahead of me and take my picks!