Tuesday, August 31, 2010

How About those Reds!

The Cincinnati Reds are 76-55 and are currently leading the division by 6 games......someone please pinch me!

Throughout this entire season it has not always been pretty, it has not always been dominating, but they just find a way to win. National pundits like Cowherd want to say this team can't beat a good opponent. And to Cowherd's credit if you look at the statistics they do have a losing record against the upper echelon of the National League. But who would have expected the Reds to be this good? No one! (Other than me of course)

They just keep doing it by the skin of the teeth but in the end that doesn't matter because they do it. To most baseball fans they probably don't know most of this Reds team. They know Arroyo, Rolen, and now probably Votto. But what they don't know are the guys like Gomes, Cairo, Nix, Stubbs, Yanish, Valaika, Hannigan, Bruce, and Phillips all of the guys who have had those moments throughout the season when we needed them.

I love this team and most importantly I love this pitching staff. Think of all of the options that we have. They are calling up Aroldis Chapman today add that to Volquez, Cueto, Harang, Wood, Leake, Arroyo, Rhodes, Massett, Ondrusek, and Cordero it is not a team of All-Stars but a servicable staff with a whole lot of options.

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