Monday, July 26, 2010

Bengals and Terrell Owens

The St. Louis Rams have apparently decided against making an offer to former All-Pro receiver Terrell Owens, which leaves Cincinnati as the only team who is showing interest in Owens now.

So here we are faced with a guy who no team in the NFL wants, so you would think you can get him cheap. He has been one of the best receivers in the NFL but is far past his prime. Has been known to be a bit of problem in the locker room but has seemed to clean that up. Is close friends with Chad Ochocinco and has been working out with Carson Palmer.

Do the Bengals sign him? Now there seems to be hesitation surrounding Antonio Bryant and how healthy his knees are. Right now at Wideout you have Chad locked in a the #1, Bryant at the 2, Caldwell at the #3 spot and the rest is up for grabs. If they sign T.O. he would more than likely be the #2 or #3 depending on the health of Bryant.

I say do it. If you can get him for next to nothing he can only help your team. If he becomes a problem you can get rid of him. The only issue I have is Marvin seems to want to avoid him where Brown wants to have him. We have seen this before, and Brown always seems to win. Get your popcorn ready.....


Wojo said...

I'm OK with the T.O. signing as long as we can get him for a reasonable price. I've heard that he's asking for $5m, a little high which is part of the reason the Rams backed out. If we could get him to $2M or $3M tops, that would alright by me.

However, this raises the issue of why the Bengals are even considering him. The only two reasons I can think are that Bryant isn't what they thought he was (based on injury or ability) or that they really want to win now. Since the latter reason has never existed under Mike Brown, we have to think it has something to do with Bryant.

The biggest risk I can see is failing to develop the younger WR's. We have a fairly long list of younger guys (Caldwell, Cosby, Shipley, Briscoe, Purify) that we need to develop sooner than later with Chad aging. TO would be a 1 year deal and Bryant may not have many years left in him given his injury history.

Is this risk worth signing TO? Only if he's just insurance for Bryant and comes at a reasonable price.

redleg2420 said...

I really don't see much risk to signing TO. I've never been a fan of his diva antics. But, I know this, he broke his leg and was playing in the Super Bowl 5 weeks later. He has never had any legal trouble. He played for a terrible Bills team last year and never made a peep. I think, for one year, this is a good deal. If they find he is too much of a diva or has lost a few steps and just does not produce, they can cut him and play the young guys. But, if I am thinking about Caldwell, Shipley, SIMPSON, or Owens as our #2...I'll take Owens every time.