Friday, July 30, 2010

Bengals News

* The circus has officially come into town with the signing of Terrell Owens. But I love the move! The price is perfect, they have added serious depth at a position of need, and he is practically best friends with Chad. The guy with the toughest job? Carson Palmer. But he has shown an ability to handle diva receivers if he was able to put up with Housh he can handle anyone!

* Surprise, Surprise Andre Smith was not able to pass his physical and has not yet stepped onto the practice field. Although it is still VERY early, Smith is starting to look like one of those classic Mike Brown draft busts, which has been rare these days. Smith appears to have no work ethic at all which is shame for a kid who has all of the talent in the world. The Bengals should bring in Willie Anderson to be a player/mentor for the O-Line. I think he could teach Andre a lot.

* Think about how good this team can be. From last years Division Championship team we have lost nearly no one and added an extreme amount of depth at different positions. A sometimes anemic offense has added T.O., Bryant, and Gresham to their corp of weapons. And one of the leagues top defenses remains in tact and adds back players like Antwan Odom who lost last year to injury. This team will be very good this year.

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Matt said...

So pumped! I can't wait! This team "on paper" is a legit Super Bowl contender. Not to mention they have a defense that has an attitude and very well could finish #1 in the league... I am salivating just waiting for this season to start