Monday, July 12, 2010

A thought on the Reds....

The Reds have a logjam at the Pitcher position, and it is only going to get worse as Volquez and Bailey return from rehab assignments. So there are a few questions to ask, where do they fit? That is a very relevant question. I have one suggestion for Mr. Walt Jocketty to at least think about. What about moving Homer Bailey to the bullpen to be the closer?

I have always said I thought Bailey's talents would be best suited in the bullpen. Check out his stat splits per inning. He has had more K's in the first inning in his carrer than in any other inning. His numbers in the first three innings are by far better than any other.

Add to that Cordero has been shaky at best as the closer. You could use him as a set-up man and have Bailey, Rhodes, and Cordero all available to back up the youth in the rotation. The Reds are going to have to either make a move to open up a spot or get creative once Volquez comes back. Travis Wood showed you on Saturday he has the stuff to be up here and needs to be competing at this level. Unless they can move one of their veteran arms they will be faced with making a tough decision. But this is not at all a bad problem to have!

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redleg2420 said...

I think they hope to move Harang who will be leaving after this year anyway. They will obviously have to pick up a large chunk of his salary. The Twins, Mets, and Angels could all be on the market for pitching.

I agree, I think in the long run Homer is better suited for the bullpen. He is a one and a half pitch guy. But, we all know Dusty well enough to know that he is not going to move Cordero out of the closer's role. Bailey could be a nice set up guy for him though.