Friday, February 27, 2009

Our Slumdog Millionaire

TJ Houshmanzadeh has hit the free agent market running and the New York Giants, San Francisco 49ers, Miami Dolphins, Philadelphia Eagles and Seattle Seahawks have all been named as potential teams where Housh could end up. I have said it all along, I think TJ flew under the radar as far as attitude went and hid behind Chad Johnson all of these years. Chad was the in your face kind of guy where TJ was that dude behind the scenes. I think that Housh is a fine NFL wide receiver but reports are he is requesting $10 million per year. In my opinion the Bengals need to spend more money on the infrastructure of their team and less on the skill positions. Simply look at the Super Bowl. That Cardinals team was the Bengals in 2005, those receiever and QB in Arizona took you far but not quite over the hump. Pittsburgh did it with a team full of "mediocre" players but a defense and offensive line that dominated. That's where the money needs to go.

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Wojo said...

Last night, I talked to someone who has a "source" re: the Bengals current situation. And for the record this source has proved to be very reliable, most notably for providing the D/L with the Odell situation and eventual departure.

Word is that TJ has been a locker room cancer and Marvin wants him gone. It's been reported before that TJ skipped the last two years offseason workouts because of contract issues but apparently it goes deeper than that. Marvin also wants Chad gone as well but since he's under contract, it makes it a bit trickier. Also, look for the Bengals to go offense in FA and defense in the draft.

The biggest news is that (and I will preface this with a big "supposedly") SUPPOSEDLY Mike Brown has turned over the reins to Marvin this year. I guess the only way to tell if this is true is to see if we either have another Chris Henry-esque situation this year or if we draft someone ridiculous like Beanie Wells with our first pick. Let's hope this news turns out to be true.