Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Things Noticed in MLB

* Though the MLB free agency period has seemed to screech to a halt over the past month with as many as 100 FA's still available, one familiar face has a new job

Who would have guessed it but Jim Bowden has struck again at his attempt to resureect the 2004 Cincinnati Reds with the signing of Adam Dunn. The amazing part: Dunn signed a 2 year, 20 million dollar deal today. 20 million! Wow.

* Bobby Abreu finalized a one year deal with the Angels today for 5 million dollars. This disappoints me. I would have loved to have had Bobby Abreau. In addition, I think with that price tag or even an offer of 6 million we could have had him. I know the Reds said they were done spending but just think about it. Over the last few weeks, close to 3 million dollars have been placed toward Jhonny Gomes, Jacque Jones, and Daryl Ward. Instead, we could have spent that money and just a little more on a HUGE FA acquisition and key roster spot. You watch, with a 1 year deal, Abreu is going to put up big numbers this year and we could have talked about him in a Reds uniform leading us to the playoffs for a cheap price

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Brandon said...

Yeah I would have loved Abreau too, especially for that price. He probably would not have come here for that price, but he could have for 7-8 million for one year.

I cannot believe Bowden still has his job! I guess Dunn will be playing 1B for Washington because he already has a collection of 6 outfielders. I wonder if Austin Kearns can pitch...