Friday, February 27, 2009

Black eye for former Red

There has been a lot of news lately regarding Jim Bowden and the Washington Nationals. Bowden and Jose Rijo are currently under investigation by the FBI. It all revolves around a Dominican player who claimed to be 16, was signed by the Nationals and given a 1.4 million dollar signing bonus. Turns out the player was 20 at the time, and apparently 1.4 million was more than double what any other team was offering. There were rumors at the time that the age was not true. And now the FBI is investigating that signing bonus and if there was anything taken off the top by Rijo, Bowden or any other Nationals employee. And its all coming to a head. Jose Rijo was relieved of his duties last night by the Nationals and good ole' leatherpants may be out of a job by Monday.

Read the Washington Post story here.


Adam said...

I tried to skim this story quickly and don't know that I completely get it, but what it looks like it boils down to is Rijo and Bowden were both had. If I know Bowden he probably wanted to flex his muscles and show that he could win. Idiot!

SHU said...

So Bowden has now ruined two organizations.... and has taken an ex-Red down with him.

Matt said...

The day before he resigned, Jim Bowden signed former red Dave Williams....just thought i would throw that one out there...Boy am I going to miss Jim Bowden and the Washington Reds