Sunday, February 15, 2009

College Hoops Most Valuable Player: My Top 5

In no particular order:

Blake Griffin
Has led the Sooners to the #2 ranking in the country by putting up 22 points and 14 boards a night. Coming off a night where he put up 40 points and 23 boards. Only knock I have on Griffin is he shoots 58% from the stripe.

Jodie Meeks
Is having a monster year by putting up 26 points and 4 boards a game while shooting close to 45% from behind the arc. These numbers are ridiculous because he's coming off two seasons where he averaged 8 points a game. Where would UK be without Meeks?

Hasheem Thabeet
Yes, I don't really like the guy because I think he's arrogant but his numbers don't lie: 14 points, 11 boards and 5 blocks per game. His presence inside alone is enough to intimidate opponents.

Tyler Hansbrough

I'm not a big Tarheels fan but I have mad respect for Hansbrough. He has broken all kinds of records at UNC and is currently putting up 22 points and 8 boards per game.

Stephen Curry
Curry is having another phenomenal year putting up 29 points, 6 assists, 4 rebounds, and 3 steals per game. One thing that people overlook while looking at Curry is his ability to dish the ball off to his teammates, he's a great passer and leader on the court.

My early favorite

Sorry Jodie Meeks but it has to go to Blake Griffin. Without Griffin the Soooners would be nowhere near the second best team in the country and frankly if you've watched the kid this year he's unstoppable. Plus, just like in other sport I feel if two or three guys have comparable numbers it should go to the best player on one of the best teams.

Who are in your top 5 and who's your early favorite?

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