Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Local Basketball Awards

In conjunction with the recent Emmy and Grammy awards, on Sunday night the Sports Authority did their own Sports Emmy Awards. I thought it would be interesting to see who you guys would pick. Richard Skinner and Steve Wolf were asked various questions involving the local schools. Answers could have come from players, teams, and coaches including Xavier, Kentucky, Dayton, Miami, Ohio State, and Cincinnati.

The categories were as follows: In addition, I have placed the answers for Steve Wolf next to the award. Isnt he a Xavier beat writer or announcer? See if you sense any bias.

Best Actor (MVP player): Wolf picks Derrick Brown
Best Supporting Actor (Best complimentary player): Wolf picks BJ Raymond
Best Newcomer (Frosh or transfer): Wolf picks Terrell Holloway
Best Producer (Coach): Wolf picks Sean Miller
Best Picture (Team): Wolf picks Xavier
Most Memorable Moment/Performance: Wolf picks Dante Jackson half court shot

I think these were all the categories. Make your own categories if you would like or write in your votes for each award.

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SHU said...

Best Actor (MVP player): Derrick Brown
Best Supporting Actor (Best complimentary player): Patrick Patterson to Jodie Meeks
Best Newcomer (Frosh or transfer): Yancy Gates
Best Producer (Coach): Sean Miller
Best Picture (Team): Xavier
Most Memorable Moment/Performance: Jodie Meeks puts up 54 against Tennessee

And yes Steve Wolf announces game for Xavier on FSN Ohio and on the radio when games aren't televised.