Thursday, January 28, 2010

College T-Shirts Out of Hand

We posted a story on here a couple of weeks ago discussing Tennessee making a ridiculous shirt to chronicle their defeat of the #1 ranked Kansas Jayhawks. Apparently these were so popular in Knoxville the football team were forced to pack heat in order to protect their shirts. Only kidding. Well, now I must confess that my Kentucky Wildcats have dropped to the level of ridiculousT-shirtness and created this gem of a t-shirt that was relevant for a full 24 hours.

If you bought this shirt you should kick yourself because you are a moron. Why make a t-shirt to commemorate this when your program has been the #1 team in the nation more than most? But after looking at this it got me thinking. Lets check out South Carolina and see what they have brewing. Well, you click on their athletics site, and you will find a special page commemorating their triumphant mid-season conference victory against the Cats. Now I understand, South Carolina had never defeated a conference opponent (wait, they have) but they have never defeated a #1 team. But I think that is a little much. Furthermore, they too have created a T-shirt to commemorate the moment.

This has got to stop friends. It is getting a little out of hand. We used to be content with sweet t-shirts commemorating real events like a National Championship. Now, thanks to Steve and Barrys, we crave T-shirts for every little accomplishment, including a conference win. Just sad.

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