Thursday, January 14, 2010


How bad are they craving winning in Knoxville? So bad that they created a T-shirt to commemorate their victory over Kansas. Seriously their regular season victory over Kansas. Check it out here.

Which got me thinking. What could be do for T-shirts around here to commemorate these "Big events?"

- Reds defeat Roy Oswalt!

Reds wins against Roy Oswalt are few and far between. Maybe next time the Redlegs are able to beat him the Pro Shop could make a T-Shirt to commemorate the huge event.

- Cincinnati Bearcats get a Big East Win!

King of surprised I didn't see any "UC Beats UConn" shirts in Clifton but with Mick Cronin's record against the Big East he may want to think about commemorating each moment with a shirt.

- Cincinnati Bengals have a winning season

This has only happened a few time as well. So throw away those AFC North Champions shirts, you don't need them any more. Lets just start pretending that a winning season is like winning the SuperBowl.

Any more ideas?

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Anonymous said...

KY is 17-0