Monday, January 4, 2010


For those of you who wanted to see the Bengals win to take some momentum into the playoffs, that definitely did not happen last night. In our 37-0 loss to the Jets our franchise quarterback was 1 for 11 for 0 yards and an interception in his gem of a game last night. What may be worse our 2nd ranked run defense allowed 257 yards on the ground last night.

This was by far the worst game we have put together all season. Now we can look at this one of two ways. Obviously the offense was not showing any signs of aggressive play calling knowing within the first quarter that they will more than likely play the Jets next week. But what I am worried about it the defense. They had their worst game of the season, Pat Sims went down for the year last night and Tom Nelson left the game with an injury. The good news is Domata Peko is expected to return to the lineup this week with Chris Crocker.

I said before the game that I would not mind losing because I would rather play the Jets than the Texans. I still think I agree with that. The Jets play more into our game and are a better matchup for us. My hope is the Jets come into this game with a lot of confidence after what they did to us this week and we come out blazing. We shall see, but last night did not leave me very confident at all.

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redleg2420 said...

It felt like the Bengals of old. Carson was off last night, but he had no time and there were at least 4 drops. The whole offense was bad. Johnson and Scott gave us nothing at RB but again the blocking was terrible.

This does not look like a playoff team. Unfortunately I see a loss in their future. The Jets are hot, have a great running game and great defense. If Chad is shut down (which he will be by Revis) then we have no receiving options. Then the Jets know we are running the ball and they can stop it. I don't see it happening. Momentum is everything in the playoffs and we have none.