Thursday, April 22, 2010

Calipari and the Cats Strike Again

Indianapolis 2011 PG Marqius Teague has committed to play for the University of Kentucky. Teague has been ranked as the #1 PG of the 2011 class and the #2 overall player behind Kentucky recruit Michael Gilchrist. Calipari is on the verge of having one of the highest rated 2011 classes, and one of the highest rated classes ever.

I think everyone expected Calipari to bring in some top recruits but I am not sure anyone expected what he has done. Calipari has been able to secure some of the top rated players in each of his draft classes at Kentucky. He was doing the same at Memphis but what is different about his situation at Kentucky he is getting multiple top recruits.

Teague has been the target for Louisville coach Rick Pitino for almost 2 years. Pitino poured all of his resources into recruiting Teague and has attended more than 10 times in person. Despite all of this effort Teague opted to play for Calipari because he felt Calipari represented the best opportunity to make it to the league.

I think they may end up just making Kentucky a member of the NBA Developmental League.

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