Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Just who was that kid from Florence, KY?

There were a lot of us confused when Roger Goodell stepped up to the Mic to announce the 18th pick of the draft for the Pittsburgh Steelers he had a kid with him who Goodell indicated was from Florence, KY and his Make-A-Wish dream was to announce the Steelers pick. What!?! A kid from Bengals territory is a Steelers fan? Well, what we didn't know about this kid is he is actually from Belfry, Ky. He is currently living in an Extended Stay Hotel in Florence while he is being treated for Leukemia. Belfry is in southeastern Kentucky near the border of West Virginia, which is essentially Steelers country. So I think we should give the kid a pass. I kept searching for a local story about this kid but the local paper never ran one. The Pittsburgh Post Gazette ran a story about him. Its pretty good.

Check it out here.

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