Friday, April 30, 2010

Kentucky Derby

Okay, last year's picks were an epic fail. This year I am feeling good. The race will be a mudder so throw some of those lightning fast times out the window. I am going with the following:

#10- Paddy O'Prado
#4- Super Saver
#2- Ice Box

In any order.

*Please note, I am by no means a derby expert. Proceed all wagers with caution as I have never won a derby! These picks are not intended to be wagering suggestions, only my personal predictions. Thanks!


Adam said...

If you picked my trifecta I made you a lot of money! I should have listened to my own advice.

Matt said...

Damn you...i thought you maybe bet that! Couldnt believe you picked them right...would have won you a smooth 100,000 or so right?

Maybe there is a future in horse betting.

Adam said...

$2 trifecta would have paid $2,100. $100k was for the Superfecta.