Friday, April 23, 2010

Thoughts on the Draft....

Most Bengals fans were complaining all season that the Bengals needed a Tight End and needed to utilize that position better. Now, some of the same Bengals fans are upset that the Bengals took a Tight End. I think the Bengals went into this draft wanting to take Gresham and when their pick came he was there so they took him. They didn't care who was left on the board. Some early quotes from the Bengals coaching staff they were impressed with his drive and work ethic, which is a point of contention on Dez Bryant.

Do I think Dez Bryant has the talent to be a top WR in the NFL? Yes, will he be? I don't know. We have seen the role of diva receiver before. Receiver can be a tough position to predict in the draft. I know he has the potential to be a great receiver but will he actually be a top receiver? Plus, that is a position where there is already a great deal of money invested in. With Chad Ochocinco, Andre Caldwell, and Antonio Bryant they have resources at the receiver. They could add some depth in the late rounds.

Hit Gresham the only thing most are worried about is his health. And rightfully so, he had had two knee surgeries and missed his entire senior season. So stay tuned.

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redleg2420 said...

Going in to the draft I would have felt great about the pick. But, I am a big believer that great teams are built up front, offensive and defensive lines. Seeing Dan Williams out there, the big DT from Tenn, I got a little excited about the thought of him lined up next to Peko.

I certainly will not bash the pick. I hope Bratkowski uses him properly. But, I would have gone with Williams. Gresham is a close 2nd.