Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Lance Stephenson leaving UC

Big East Basketball Tournament - Cincinnati v Louisville
According to ZagsBlog University of Cincinnati freshman Lance Stephenson has withdrawn from the University and will enter the NBA draft.

I didn't get a chance to watch a lot of UC games this year but what I did see out of Stephenson were flashes of brilliance surrounded by a number of poor shots and poor decisions. I would say that this is also a poor decision. Many believed when Stephenson came to Cincinnati he would be a one and done, but after a season of mediocre play I think this will come as a surprise to some.

What could be a problem for the Cincinnati program, if Stephenson just stopped going to classes and will fail those classes it could cost the Bearcats a future scholarship.

I am interested in the perspective of some UC fans on this one, maybe Matt will enlighten us with his thoughts.

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Matt said...

Ok so here is some perspective...

First, honestly I think the decision by Stephenson is a stupid one. I agree with what you said. He definitely showed flashes of brilliance last year and showed reasons why he could be an All-American if he stuck it out. In addition, he showed reasons why he needed an extra year in school. In fact, even Stephenson just months ago reported that he was staying because he knew there were things he needed to work on. The move does not surprise me. When you name yourself "Born Ready" and have your site set on turning pro from the time you are 12 years old, I knew that this decision would win out over the alternative. Just annoying that you think the kid starts to "get it" and realizes what he needs to do, then does the opposite.

Regarding the scholarship, UC will be fine. They will not lose a scholarship for his exodus even though he did drop classes. The NCAA bases those moves on scores that are graded over 3-5 seasons and based on a number of factors including 4 year players, grades, graduation rates, etc. Surprisingly UC has done a good job of graduating players recently and has two seniors this year planning on doing the same so that will not be a problem.

Overall, probably a late 1st to early 2nd round pick based soley on potential. Should have stayed in school though. Would have given UC a pretty exciting, high paced team next year too.