Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Brian Kelly and Notre Dame to build off of Cincinnati Players

When Brian Kelly will run of the tunnel at Notre Dame next season he will do so with some local kids by his side. Elder graduate and Notre Dame junior next season Kyle Rudolph will not doubt again be a key component to the Irish offense. But with today's signing day and the 2010 recruiting class taking shape, many of Brian Kelly's key recruits come right here from the tristate. Check them out:

Austin Collinsworth
3 Star DB
Notre Dame Introduces New Head Coach Brian Kelly

Andrew Hendrix
4 Star QB

Matt James
4 Star OL
St. Xavier (Cincinnati)
Notre Dame v Stanford

Luke Massa
3 Star QB
St. Xavier (Cincinnati)

Tate Nichols
3 Star OL

Alex Welch
4 Star TE

Traditionally nation powerhouse programs such as Michigan, Ohio State, and Notre Dame have built their teams with Cincinnati talent. Ohio State currently only has one commitment from Cincinnati, Andrew Norwell, 4 star OL from Anderson. Michigan has one, Jibreel Black, 3 star DE from Wyoming.
Mack Brown and the Texas Longhorns grabbed the nationally top ranked linebacker recruit from Cincinnati, Lakota West LB Jordan Hicks. (Interesting enough of the 20 recruits for Texas only two are not from the state of Texas.)

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