Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Thoughts on Kentucky

Tough, tough, tough environment last night. The whole night reminded me of the South Carolina game. Mississippi State could just not find an answer to stop Kentucky on offense. Kentucky made some poor decisions on offense at times which is still a little troublesome. They force shots a little quick and do not particularly always move the ball well to look for a good shot. But they found a way to win and that is what is important. I have heard a lot from anti-Kentucky folks that the ref's gave the game to Kentucky. I will agree with you there were some bad calls, the Wall "block" in Overtime was not a block but a goal tend. But blaming the ref's is the easy way out. Mississippi State could not get a shot when they needed it down the stretch and Kentucky won the game. The Bulldogs were a tough out though, don't get me wrong, but finding ways to win the game help a team that is preparing a run in March. I think this team has talent to contend for a National Title, but if they continue to make poor decisions with their shots and turn the ball over they will face an early exit.

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