Monday, February 1, 2010

King James visits Rupp


In case you missed it this weekend LeBron James sat courtside for the Kentucky vs. Vanderbilt matchup at Rupp Arena. James, who has been a public supporter of John Calipari, was wearing Kentucky Blue and participated as the "Y" in the Kentucky cheer on the court.

Why was James in Lexington? Well, most would think that Calipari's celebrity would just cause LeBron to be gravitated to him. Not so much. Sure Calipari has proven to be a charismatic figure in basketball circles, and LeBron is known to get around to a lot of AAU tournaments and events. But Calipari took it a step further. Calipari gave one of LeBron's high school teammates and good friend Brandon Weem's a spot on the team as a Graduate Assistant. Weems has been learning to use scouting video and getting his foot in the door of college coaching. I am use that LeBron's influence helped get Weem's the opportunity.

It definitely does not hurt having the NBA's biggest superstar associated with your College program. I am not sure about NCAA rules but if a phone call from LeBron is allowed as a recruiting tool I am sure that Cal will make it happen. But just the fact that LeBron was in attendance and clearly in support of Kentucky could help in the eyes of a recruit.

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