Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mississippi State Students calling DeMarcus

Kentucky News - February 13, 2010
entucky fans love our Cousins! But the rest of the college basketball world apparently does not. It seems like this all started from the forearm shiv that was given during the Louisville game. From that point on DeMarcus has been the spotlight of both Kentucky fans and other fans alike. Like him or not he is a very productive big man and arguably the best big man in the country.
But Mississippi State fans have taken their hatred for Cousins to a new level. Somehow Cousins' cell phone number was posted on a Mississippi State fan message board and from their DeMarcus has received hundreds of messages from Bulldogs fans calling him every name including the "N" word. Cousins' seems to be taking it in stride and trying to laugh it off. But I warn you Mississippi State, don't wake this sleeping giant. The last thing you want to do is make DeMarcus mad. Tune in tonight at 9:00 to see if Kentucky can get their 25th win of the season and if Cousins can rack up another double double.

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