Friday, March 5, 2010

Bengals Offseason Thoughts

With free agency starting today, its time to discuss the plans of the Cincinnati Bengals this offseason. Here are a few news and notes:

* Very few, if any, college WR's flashed 1st rd talent this week at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis leaving little hope that one can come in and make an immediate impact as a start. This has led many teams, including the Bengals, looking for help in free agency. With the recent release of Laverneous Coles, the Bengals should be looking harder than anyone else. Terrell Owens and Kevin Walter have both been rumored to be setting up visits. Josh Reed and Chris Chambers are also available. Personally, I would steer clear from Kevin Walter simply based off of his previous stint as a Bengal four years ago. I may be in the minority but I wouldn't mind giving TO a one year shot, especially since he may gel with OchoCinco. My 1st choice: a 3rd rd draft pick in a trade for Anquan Boldin. Dont get too excited because that is a long long long shot to happen.

* The Bengals need a TE, way more than I originally thought. Searcing the roster, Chase Coffman and Darius Hill are the only two TEs currently on the team. OUCH! Greg Olsen and Chris Baker are possibilities. The need for a 1st Rd TE in the NFL Draft seems to be a No. 1 priority.

* The Bengals have interest in Houston Texans OG Chester Pitts. Pitts would be a huge pickup to shore up the Cincinnati offensive line and really add depth to the guard position. With free agent Bobbie Williams up in the air, this deal becomes even bigger.

What do you guys think? What else have you been hearing?

Just a reminder, check back for in the next month for the 2nd annual NFL MOCK DRAFT.

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Wojo said...

Wow, I was just about to share some thoughts about our WR situations when, BOOM, Matt posts some offseason thoughts.

I don't really know the best avenue for our WR position. 2 scenarious that would be great but unlikely would be to get B. Marsh or Boldin. However, the Bengals haven't gone without a first round pick since 1989 and I don't see a trade for Q happening either.

I've heard the talent drops off real quick after Dez Bryant but the next tier includes many people. This gives us a little flexibility to wait until Friday to draft a WR, but it's discouraging the prospect of having someone come in an be an instant contributor.

I don't like any of the FA names circling the rumor mill now. TO sounds like the most likely to come and, if that's the case, maybe Hard Knocks will come back for an encore.