Friday, March 26, 2010

Survive and Advance, Kentucky wins Again!

- What a defensive game plan for Kentucky last night. Cornell lives on the perimeter and Kentucky came out pressuring the guards and jumping their ball screens. Kentucky dared Cornell to put the ball on the floor but they were not athletic enough to hang with Kentucky's guards. Cornell only shot 33% from the floor and were 5-21 (24%) from the three.

- Kentucky didn't play their best offensive game of the season. They were 44% from the floor and only 61% from the line. That will have to improve in order to beat a scrappy West Virginia team. The Achilles heel of Kentucky all season (and I say that lightly since we are now 35-2) is 3-pt shooting, and the Cats were an abysmal 2-16 from behind the arc.

- Cornell was a good team but just not in the same class as Kentucky. But the road to number 8 will be difficult. West Virginia is an interesting matchup. I think they will play right into Kentucky's game. If they come out man to man and looking to play at an up-tempo pace I think Kentucky will thrive. But I imagine Huggins will try to slow the game down and may show some zone to try to force Kentucky to shoot from behind the arc. The shooting of Bledsoe, Dodson, and Miller will be the key in defeating West Virginia.

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