Thursday, March 11, 2010

March: The Greatest Month for Sports

March is my favorite month of the year. Why March do you ask? There are so many reasons why March is the best month and you guessed it most of them revolve around sports.

*First, a non sports issue, Spring is upon us. After a long winter the sun is coming back and we are getting back outside. Those long winter months inside the house are starting to break and summer is upon us.

*College Basketball is in full swing. This week conference tournaments are in play. You can come home from work and watch live basketball. You can continue to watch live basketball all day. There is nothing better, bubble teams fighting for their tournament lives, everyone seeking tournament dominance.

*NBA approaches the playoffs. During the NBA regular season I am a casual observer. I keep up with who is leading the divisions, but anyone in a non-NBA town knows that the best time to watch the NBA is during the playoffs. Teams actually play and some decide to play some defense too! All kidding aside, I really enjoy the NBA playoffs and they will begin mid-April.

*Baseball Spring Training has begun. I love baseball. For most of the year baseball is there to comfort you, and truthfully in August and September you take it for granted. But come every March when teams report to spring training there is a clean slate. The Reds are in first place in the National League until someone knocks them off. Baseball is coming back and the Reds will be ready.

*The Sweet Sixteen (KHSAA actually holds the rights to this term) at Rupp Arena. I spend a lot of time in Indiana. They love their basketball in Indiana, and the old guys will talk about the "good old days" when Indiana had no class basketball. I always promptly tell them its still that way in Kentucky and we have the greatest show in Basketball. There is absolutely nothing like the Sweet Sixteen in Kentucky. Where else do you have 15,000 fans on a Wednesday morning packed into an arena to watch High School basketball.

*NFL Draft conversation. You do not have NFL football in March but you do have NFL Free Agency and the NFL Draft preparation. I always enjoy watching NFL free agency and watching players move from team to team with each franchise hoping to add that final piece to the puzzle (**cough, Antonio Bryant)

*Add to all of that you have NHL Hockey, PGA Golf, and NASCAR in their respective seasons. For all of these reasons March is the best month of the year.

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