Wednesday, March 3, 2010

NKY 9th Region Tournament

Okay Nikki, you happy! I have been a bad blogger the last few weeks. But alas I join you once again to share my thoughts on all things that are NKY Sports.

First things first, the 9th region tournament starts tonight. (For those of you who have been with us from day one, three years ago, we started as a prep sports site) There were some winners and losers in the seeding here is how it shook out.

Top Bracket
Ryle vs. Newport
St. Henry vs. Covington Catholic

Bottom Bracket
Dixie Heights vs. Holmes
Newport Central Catholic vs. Boone County

At first glance the bottom bracket is LOADED! If I were to rank the teams that made it to the 9th region I would rank them as follows.

1. Holmes
2. Newport Central Catholic
3. Boone County
4. Newport
5. Ryle
6. St. Henry
7. Covington Catholic
8. Dixie Heights

NCC really got the tough road if they are going to make it to the region final they will have to go through two of the best teams to get there. Now I know the argument if you want to be the best you have to beat the best. But there is nothing wrong with hanging out for a while waiting for someone to beat them before they get to you! That is what Ryle and Newport are hoping for, I think one of those teams will make it from the top.

I will be considerably disappointed if Holmes does not make it out of the region. If they lose it will be an upset. But when looking at some of the top teams in the state I don't think many 9th region teams can hang with them. Holmes definitely can and has the talent to bring home another state championship.

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Anonymous said...

Yes I am satisfied. Thank you. I am very jealous yall get to go see the boys tournament every year. We had so much fun when CovCath went.