Wednesday, March 10, 2010

NCAA Basketball 2010 Preseason Rankings

With Conference tournament play in full effect I thought it may be interesting to take a look back at the 2010 NCAA Preseason Men's rankings and compare to where those teams finished the regular season rankings.

AP Top 25 Preseason (Where they finished on the final poll)
1. Kansas (1)
2. Michigan State (11)
3. Texas (unranked)
4. Kentucky (2)
5. Villanova (10)
6. North Carolina (unranked)
7. Purdue (6)
8. West Virginia (7)
9. Duke (4)
10. Tennessee (15)
11. Butler (12)
12. UConn (unranked)
13. California (unranked)
14. Washington (unranked)
15. Michigan (unranked)
16. Ohio State (5)
17. Oklahoma (unranked)
18. Mississippi State (unranked)
19. Louisville (unranked)
20. Georgetown (22)
21. Dayton (unranked)
22. Georgia Tech (unranked)
23. Illinois (unranked)
24. Clemson (unranked)
25. Minnesota (unranked)

What does this tell me?
It's easy to pick the teams who will be around the top. Only two of their preseason top 10 were unranked (Texas and UNC) and those teams took monumental nose dives.

Outside of the Top 10 is a crap shoot 12 of their 15 picks to round out their top 25 finished unranked. That's just not good!

Who were the teams they left out? The biggest was Syracuse. The Orangemen were unranked in the preseason and ended the year at #3 and would have been #1 if it weren't for Kyle Kuric. New Mexico and Kansas State finished the regular season in the top 10 were nowhere to be found.

Who were the teams they missed bad? WE will take out UNC, UConn, and Texas nobody saw that coming. Washington ranked #14 finished the season 11-7 in their conference in a REALLY bad PAC-10. Cal won the regular season PAC-10 but has 0 quality wins. Michigan at #15 was only 14-16 and 7-11 in the Big 10.

So does the Preseason Top 25 really matter? I say no. And for that matter the Top 25 poll really doesn't mean anything. Especially in tournament time, as long as you make it there it is an equal playing field.

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