Monday, March 15, 2010


SEC Basketball Tournament - Mississippi St. v Kentucky
What an SEC final yesterday. With that win Kentucky has won their 26th SEC Championship, the rest of the teams in the SEC combined have won 25. Every color commentator in the country needs to watch the replay of that game yesterday and shut up about fouling when you are down three. Why would you give the opposing team a free shot at points and complete control of the game. That is what can happen. In my opinion, in that situation, you play good perimeter defense and force a tough three pointer. If they hit it a contested three pointer to send it into overtime then so be it. I just don't agree with giving them the points. I know there are two sides to this situation, just my opinion. But I think it is interesting that you always hear the color commentator calling for the foul and most Division I coaches do not foul in that situation.

- There is no question that DeMarcus Cousins got that shot off yesterday. What a heads up play on his part. John Wall has admitted that he thought the game was over after Cousins hit the tip in. I think their on court celebration showed that. But I think everyone watching the game in the arena and at home that once they went into overtime the game was over, Kentucky had all of the momentum.

- I do feel bad for Rick Stansbury and the Mississippi State Bulldogs. They were 4.9 seconds away from the NCAA Tournament. Now they are the #1 seed in the NIT with a potential second round matchup against North Carolina.

- I hope that everyone in the East Region listens to all of the experts that say Kentucky has a team full of freshman and freshman cannot win in March. (Also lets forget that this team only has two losses this season.) Yes this team is full of Freshman, but these aren't your normal freshman.

- Huggins is very upset about their draw in the Tournament. He felt his team was deserving of a #1 seed, and when he was snubbed for that he was upset that he was placed with one of the top #1 seeds in the tournament. I am not sure why he is upset, its Huggins, he won't see his way past the first round.

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