Thursday, November 5, 2009

Can you split your allegiance?

I am going to make a confession. I am a Kentucky Wildcats fan, a strong Kentucky basketball fan and have been my entire life. Why did I become a Kentucky fan? Really just a product of my environment, I didn't go there it is not my alma mater. When I was a kid I grew up idolizing Kentucky. My uncles, who introduced my brother and I to sports, were huge Kentucky fans and that just rubbed off on me. With that being said I have always been a Kentucky Basketball fan, but not necessarily a Kentucky Football fan. Football at Kentucky was just different. Not the same allure as the basketball program.
So recently there has been a shift in my thinking and I wonder if is acceptable in the realm of sports. Recently I have become a fan of Cincinnati football. Why do you ask? Mainly because they have been winning. So yes, I am a bandwagon Cincinnati football fan. I typically cannot be called a bandwagon fan (I am also a Bengals and Reds fan) But with Brian Kelly and the recent success of the Bearcats program I have become very excited to watch them. I tried to fight the feelings at first, feeling as if I have betrayed the Big Blue Nation. But I am tired of fighting it. And I think it can work for me.
Why can't I be a Cincinnati Bearcats football fan and a Kentucky Wildcats basketball fan? Like I said before, I hold no special ties to either program. I will always be a Northern Kentucky Norseman first. What do you guys think? It took a lot for me to admit in a public setting that I have become a Bearcats football fan. I still HATE the basketball program with an extreme passion. And I don't think that my passion for Kentucky Basketball will ever match Cincinnati Football. I don't have that same die-hard mentality as I do for Kentucky. But I think I can pull it off, I think I can logically be a fan of both. So lets go Bearcats (football only!)

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