Friday, November 13, 2009

Hot Stove is heating up

It's that time of year. This used to be my favorite time of year. But, if all the rumors are true, the Reds may become this year's Montreal Expos, selling off their talent for minor leaguers with a future, but a future that's at least 2 years away.

Everyone knows that the Reds are hoping to deal one of their high priced pitchers. Walt Jocketty has said that we will have to shave 6 million off the payroll of last year, but if you include guys that already have raises coming to them or guys that will be going to arbitration, he really has to shave 10-12 million. That just happens to be what Bronson Arroyo, Aaron Harang and Fransisco Cordero make. Unfortunately there is not much of a market for a terribly inconsistent starting pitcher in Bronson Arroyo, a pitcher that can't find his way and has injury issues in Aaron Harang or an overpaid, overrated closer. All of the rumors point to the Reds having to include their best player, Brandon Phillips in a deal. If they include Phillips then a team with salary room and a need for SP and a 2B or SS might be willing to take on one of the pitcher's salaries. We could be watching Brandon Phillips in a Mets, Mariners, or Red Sox uniform next year.

I for one, don't like this path, but it was inevitable. We're small market and now we are playing the market like one.

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