Monday, November 9, 2009

Bengals Win Again!

My thoughts and observations from another Bengals victory:

* It is a shame that Chris Henry will miss the rest of this season. We all know the upside that Henry has for this team but how bad will it hurt the offense? Henry has played in 8 games this season and has only managed 12 receptions for 236 yards. His YPC is pretty nasty at 19.7 so he has been a big play receiver but as far as a regular part of this offense I don't think this will hurt us in the end. With Chad, Coles, and Caldwell all producing with the #1,2, and 3 it will really hurt us in a four receiver set, which we haven't really be running.

* I was very happy to see Cedric Benson get another big game yesterday racking up 117 on the ground. Only Jerome Bettis has managed to rack up two 100+ yard games on a Ray Lewis led Baltimore defense. That's a nice accomplishment for Ced. It is very clear how important he is to this team. Benson is averaging 102.9 yards per game and 4.2 per carry. Right where you want an NFL RB to be. When Benson gets going this offense gets going.

* Leon Hall and Jonathon Joseph are two of the best combo cornerbacks in the game right now. I am not saying that they are better than some of the elite corners in the NFL individually but I really think that when they are on the field together they are as good as any cornerback duo in the league. They continue to frustrate receivers and continue to come up with big plays when we need them.

* How about the defense? Mike Zimmer may not be here very long folks. You may want to add his name to all of the coaching carousel rumors. Zimmers defense was tougher than the Ravens yesterday, a Ravens team who has been the poster children for NFL defenses over the last 5-7 years. This team is flying around and dominating their opponents.

* How about Clark Harris at long snapper! Most of you have probably forgotten Brad St. Louis, and maybe even forgotten that Clark Harris is even on the team. That is a good thing!

* Even though he is rarely used Kevin Huber has been a very good addition to this team. When was the last time you can remember a Bengals punter being able to pin a team back on their 1/2 yard line in a pressure situation.

* Chad Ochocino is on his revival tour right now. Loving his media spotlight and recognizing that he is building "Ochocinco" as a big time brand. Chad has been producing on the field but needs to hold on to the ball. I heard arguments that he should have gone down yesterday. I don't agree with that, fight for the yards but hold on to the football. If you watch Chad run with the ball he pumps his arms as he runs with the ball exposed.

* Carson Palmer should start to get some MVP nods. He may not be the best player in the NFL right now, but he is without a doubt the most important player on this team.

* I love the fact that the Ravens were actually favored to win the game this week. I like playing the role of the underdog and I hope that they continue to have that mindset. If you start hanging too much in the clouds a good team will bring you back down to earth. (Or even a mediocre team: see Houston)

* A quick look at some NFL stat rankings and where the Bengals Individuals rank:
As of 11/09

Passing Yards- 15th Carson Palmer 1,832
Passing TD's- T-9th Carson Palmer 14
QB Rating- T-13th Carson Palmer 89.5

Rushing Yards- 2nd Cedric Benson 837
Rushing Attempts- 1st Cedric Benson 198 (33 more than next guy, that kind of worries me!)
Rushing TD's- T-7th Cedric Benson 6

Receptions- T-10 Chad Ochocinco 44
Recieving Yards- 7th Chad Ochocinco 639
Recieving TD's- T-10 Chad Ochocinco 5

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