Wednesday, November 18, 2009

NKYSportsWorld Survival Winner!

In a stunning fashion Redleg2420 has prevailed to defeat Matt in the 1st Annual Survival Football championship. Redleg lost two categories on the first day of play and looked to be on a Wojo like speed for an early exit. But he held on to his team and made solid picks down the stretch to hold off Matt. I was worried for Matt when he chose Joe Flacco this week, although he was facing a good matchup against Cleveland, Baltimore's offense has reached a screeching halt. Congratulations Redleg2420 now tell him what he has won Johnny.........
For being the first annual winner of the NKY SportsWorld Survival Football Challenge you win an authentic autographed baseball from former Reds Legend Jason LaRue! You will also win the ultimate respect from all NKY Sportsworlders and be able to call yourself a Champion. Congrats!

1 comment:

redleg2420 said...

Jason!! How exciting. I would like to thank all of my fans for all of your support in my march to victory. I would also like to thank the Oakland Raiders for defeating the Philadelphia Eagles and wiping out my opponents.

Am I going to get that ball out of your wife's grasp? I know how much she misses Larue. I think I will be a nice guy, and just let her keep it.