Wednesday, November 11, 2009

At-Home Fans

Check out this great article from Kentucky Sports Radio

Blogger Katie Martin take on the task of describing the roles of the At-Home fan. Don't discredit our power. I too played a role in the 1998 Kentucky win against Duke. Redleg2420 and I were watching at our grandma's house with our Uncle Tim. I watched the first half upstairs with them and in a desperation move decided to try my luck watching alone in the basement. Turner and Padgett went nuts on Duke in the second half and Kentucky won the game.

More recently, the 6-2 Bengals can thank the NKYSportsWorld Nation for at least four of those wins and unfortunately they can thank one of us for the Denver loss (thanks a lot for getting up Jacki!)

The role of the at-home fan is very important. Just remember double socks on one foot does not help, and you never ever say the words, "We still need the extra point" thank you Mrs. Shumate.

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