Monday, November 16, 2009

Larry Johnson in Stripes?

Reports are swirling that Larry Johnson is en route to Cincinnati for a meeting with the Bengals and that a signing could be imminent. Marvin Lewis at his press conference today stated that he had talked with LJ last Thursday and the wheels were in motion before Cedric Benson aggravated his hip on Sunday. Lewis further explained that LJ's role would be as a fourth running back and would not immediately disrupt the roles of Benson, Brian Leonard, and Bernard Scott who had a coming out party against the Steelers on Sunday.

Good move for the Bengals?

UPDATE: Larry Johnson was signed today. Marvin Lewis says that he will be a back up player, a 4th running back. He will have to play in the kicking game and provide a good insurance policy in case one of the other 3 backs go down.

If LJ jumped on this offer...there must not have been too many calls for his services. I, for one, have no problem with the move - REDLEG2420

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