Wednesday, November 4, 2009

20 Things that make you a sports doofus

I enjoyed this article listed here on ESPN Page 2. Check it out.

I am in violation of a few of them.
1. Wearing a team jersey inscribed with your name: I do have a Cincinnati Reds Jersey with my name on the back. In my defense this was a gift from my company for participating in an event at the ballpark. I have not worn it to a game, probably won't.

14.Having an intense fantasy sports discussion while attending an actual game: I have discussed my baseball team while at a baseball game.

18. Proclaiming special mastery of stadium scoreboard games: I pretty much rule at the scoreboard stumper. If you put Redleg2420 and I together we will dominate!

1 comment:

redleg2420 said...

I am happy to report that I am only guilty of 14 and 18.

But, we are awesome at the scoreboard we're just being honest!