Monday, November 30, 2009

Reports: Weis out at Notre Dame

The New York Daily news is reporting that Charlie Weis is now out as the Head Coach of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Most around college football do not see this as a huge shock. Now speculation will begin as to who will replace Weis as coach of the Irish. Cincinnati head football coach Brian Kelly has been included in a lot of speculation as many of you already know. I was recently discussing this issue with some business colleagues of mine from South Bend and Notre Dame graduates. They were indicating to me that Kelly's name has been used a lot in South Bend but not as much as Jim Harbaugh, the current coach of Stanford. The big argument that I have heard for Harbaugh is the fact that he knows how to recruit a kid who can meet the academic standards of a school like Notre Dame. Only time will tell. Brian Kelly indicated in an interview that we should know something in 10 or so days. That would lead me to believe that he will be staying in Cincinnati. Reports have been that he has been working on a contract extension with Cincinnati. They could end up making it financially enticing enough to keep him with the Bearcats.

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